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    Gn front bumper

    Seen this on Craigslist in the Detroit Area - Grand National Front Bumper - 2 1/2 hrs away. Been up there for a while as I recall.
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    Where can I buy this ?

    Do a google search for: Retro-Motive Throttle Cable Clips- Fits 1/4" Rod with 5/32" Groove- Fits GM- Qty.6- #1063
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    Question on window sticker item:

    Paul - as you may recall, you did a window sticker for me last fall and mine has the HBOOHB - 03 - My theory is that it has something to do with a Dealership / Manufacture purchase program. My T-Type was ordered for the Owner of Belford Motors Inc. in Davison MI. He had ordered it for me and...
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    Detroit area transmission repair

    I have been told by numerous Members on this forum that Janis Transmission Inc. is one of the best in the region. It' s a little hike from the Detroit Metro area (3 hr / 200 mi.) but as boostingbuick states " have it done right the first time " is good advice. This is where I'm going when and...
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    Identify Part

    Thx guys. This thing has been riding around with me for over six year. I remember having to change it out when it went missing. Finally found it !!! I'll put it in parts for sale - slightly broken but OE :LOL:
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    Identify Part

    Anyone know what this part is or where it came from on my 85 T Type ??? Found it sitting on the driver side upper control arm.
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    Big Parts List, June 2020, tons of used and New parts

    I'll take the 1. -Nice Gray card board and cloth inserts(under quarter windows) From 85 T-type $30 for both 2. Stock factory lighter $8 3. Control module(84-85) $50 4. Throttlebody (84-85 Throttlebody with TPS, IAC motor,vacuum manifold) $40 shipping 48103
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    Misc Parts

    Ill take the 3. - ash tray and 8. - vents shipped to 48103 PM Sent
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    ceramic protective coatings

    Thinking about using a ceramic protective coating in lieu of a car wax & paint sealant on my fresh painted T-Type. It was painted well over a month ago and stored away until recently so the paint has gassed out. Has anyone used the ceramic product and what is your opinion.
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    Joined in 2017 but this is first post

    Hope to see you at B2B this summer. I'll be parking across the river on W. Water Street in front of the old Durant - Dort Factory #1 in Carriage Town where all the other cool old Buick's hang out :cool:.
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    Joined in 2017 but this is first post

    Ah, a Fellow FLINTOID . Very nice GN.
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    Stay at home family protection

    Old School
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    What Inspired You to Buy Your Turbo Buick ??

    I was born and raised in Flint, Mi. home to GM. A lot of my family and friends were employed by Buick and I vowed to never work in the shop. I owned several regal's while growing up and beat the shit out of them. Youth is a wonderful thing. Well, eventually I got a respectable job and was able...
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    What Inspired You to Buy Your Turbo Buick ??

    I was looking for a sporty car that I could fit my 3 kids in and came across this article in a November 1985 issue of Popular Hot Rodding " Hot Cars For 86 " . The GN was listed with " Corvette-level HP & torque out of a mere 231 cubic inches " . They had the 0-60 times of 6.7 sec & 1/4 mile...