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    ☆☆☆☆109 untouched blocks intake heads etc....

    the guy is a crook , were my crank, james. you know im back in town.
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    Big Parts List and parted 3 more cars 86 Limited 87 T 87 Clone

    bob give me a call need some parts 413 386 6420
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    New Stainless hood emblems for you guys

    Love them ,Be calling you soon for a set.
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    Gary Harmon ran a 7.78 in TSO trim

    Yes he did ran 7.95et at 179 and a.1.30 60ft last sunday at orlando track rental..
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    Fastest Pump Gas / Alky Cars (updated 10.07.18)

    With my fat ass:eek: I say 3650.
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    Fastest Pump Gas / Alky Cars (updated 10.07.18)

    thank"s Julio, first 1/4 mile pass and run 10.16 not bad. doing some up grade and more boost and see what she really can do. 9s we"ll see;)
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    Help us build "Nasty Wendy 2"- AKA "The Phonix"

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    GNX sold at Mecum

    I was there friday and saturday.
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    Frame Notching again!

    Bingo! you're right.
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    Gabby Rojas does a "willy" and still runs 6.2 e.t.

    Congrats Gabby, on your 6.22. what track was that? I go to sun shine in Clearwater Fl
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    So far so good !!!!

    75 down Florida and sunny..:p
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    I would like one to.I usto live in chicago . cliff and my self had some great conversation on phone when he was going stage 2.