My car(s)
'90 Olds Ciera w/3300. 2.074 60ft with 15ft of wheel spin. Stock with exh and tranny mods. Winter car.
'90 Olds Ciera museum piece with 53k....'89 Olds Ciera clean,black 74k.
Commercial Pilot.


Steve. '87 GN w/t-tops. 80k. PowerLogger,Scanmaster,Alky Control,Turbokinetics b-bearing 60mm,TA Performance headers with Pypes dual 2-1/2 stainless,3in stainless DP,60# with matching t-t chip,Dutt Neck IC,DW-301 with Hot-wire,Accufab FPR with larger return,Big Mouth CAI,Vacuum brakes,front braces,Trunk Brace,all Poly body cushions incl #5,Hurst Line-lock,Amsoil with zinc,ZZDP,KYB's,Nitto's,Caspers Knock Alarm,G-body tubular upper A-arms,Metco lower rears,and a mini-starter that sounds like an old Chrysler starter.(y)

RJC: Power Plate,engine brace,PCV,driveshaft loop,"biggie" oil filter kit with Baldwin B9.

'90 Olds Ciera 3300 Buick V6 museum piece with 53k.
'90 Olds Ciera 3300 Buick V6 91k
'89 Olds Ciera 3300 Buick V6 clean,black 80k.
'67 custom Harley,had since '84.
...all on the road.



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