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    1986 t type

    Well we can put this mystery to bed. My son went and got the car. Was it the deal of the century? Maybe lots of parts to sort out. It will take some time to get it going but it’s got potential. I was hoping for a lightweight but no luck.
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    Stage 2 vs Built 109 vs TA block

    I have one that the caps are tight and good shape OP ask. About a girdled block. Would you go girdled stock caps or two steel caps? Dose this fit between a Stage II block and TA block as fare a strength and cost. And what is stronger of the two? Caps or girdled?
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    EGR Valve Question

    First thing that I thought .EGR system is a simple system. Valve between intake and exhaust if intake side is free exhaust side is plugged in the heads. With carbon or Champion heads filed with aluminum.
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    Speedo gear?

    I have both 27 and 28 tooth and orange 11 tooth What are you using for 275/60-15 27 black is for 28 in tire but the radar speed shows 45 my speedometer says 50! How’s right?
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    Revolution X 9.5 NLU Converter

    I’m watching this thread close, I had a converter that I think was to tight. I put in a converter from my parts car that had a 45A turbo it was 3000@ 0 and it was to loose for me. I did not take it to the track it might’ve fixed my 60 foot. And ET Ok But it was no fun to drive in town. I will...
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    1986 t type

    Next to see pic please
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    1/8 mile, finally into the 6's

    TTT. For any new track update
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    Pictures won't load

    I turned off live mode to take my pic then it works
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    gmp fact or fiction 87 buick for sale

    It’s the live mod on our phones that our website doesn’t like One of these days I’ll get one of those
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    2004r Stall converter

    I bought a GN that was turned into a race car 15 year ago, long story short he got sick and the car set for 12 to 13 years and rotted to to ground. It had a set of Champion heads intake and Precision inter cooler, really good stuff. Transmission was a TCI or Art Carr son can’t remember. I...
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    Oil leak need help please.

    I had a sending unit leak , it was bad enough it was easy to find , but I can see it be a small leak. It’s just a small rubber diaphragm crimped together. And most of us run higher oil pressure than stock.
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    2004r Stall converter

    I have. Texas Art Carr billet 14031 3000 -3200
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    Kirbans downpipe

    Hawaii time 8089382070
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    Kirbans downpipe

    I had to shorten it to fit. That is why you see the slip joint 100 bucks + shipping
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    My bad my logger is set for AEM gauges. Must be not correct to see your A/F Your sig said AEM and I assume it was the same as mine.I have over thought your time slips and log trying to find my on problem that is somewhat like yours