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    PTE SLIC Install--mine sits too high

    I had to do the same when I installed my Precision SLIC.
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    Dakota Digital gauges

    I have the VHX and would buy again. Having volts, temp, and oil pressure consolidated in one location instead of individual gauges and pods was worth it to me. Dakota Digital recently came out with the RTX for our cars. A lot more $$$ but I like the retro styling. Dakota Digital RTX
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    New door weatherstripping with plastic insert coming soon! from Fairchild Automotive

    That's unfortunate. It's hard to believe nobody has come up with something with the same fit as the original roof rail seals after all this time. NOS seals are scarce and almost twice the cost of an entire aftermarket kit.
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    For the experienced; trans

    PM sent.
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    Modified Front Frame Braces

    You have PM.
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    87 Limited Grille and Bumper Imapct Stripes

    I'm looking for a NICE '87 grille and NICE front and rear bumper impact strips with white pinstripe. I'm getting my car painted and want to replace these items while I have them off the car. Figured I'd throw this up here first before getting reproduction pieces.
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    Dakota Digital HDX Dash

    I'd like it better if the speedo and tachometer were horizontal instead of vertical. I do like the gear indicator since my Limited is a column shift, but my VHX has something similar but not as nice. The integrated buttons and LCD display are nice but not worth the $$$ over the VHX in my opinion.
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    Dakota Digital HDX Dash

    Before I bought my VHX last year, I asked Dakota Digital if they were working on an HDX dash for GNs. They didn't have anything in the works at that time, but apparently that's changed. They now have an HDX version available. The major improvements are the ability to change needle colors and...
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    Jeep steering shaft swap problems

    Mine was the same way. I replaced it with one of Kirbans' shafts. One thing I miss about the Jeep shaft is that it had that dampener to quiet power steering pump noise. However, that dampener is also the weak point. Once it starts twisting, it's done.
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    Original Radiator Hose Clamps

    Getting 2 from a board member. Thanks all.
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    Original Radiator Hose Clamps

    I'm looking for original GM radiator hose clamps for the lower hose. The wire style. I lost the bolt to one of mine and I can't find the clamps online anywhere. If anyone knows where to get these new or used let me know.
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    Thread sealer

    Permatex thread sealant with PTFE.
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    Steering wheel recovered

    Thanks for the heads up. You just saved me $225 and a lot of hassle.