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    Driver and caretaker of 87 gn owned since 1992. Put 50k on it since then. Always registered and ready for cruising. Been to bg once. Never trailered.
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    AC Delco stock mass air flow sensor. 87

    Wow. Original Gn Mafs getting pricy. After I had 2 go bad I tried the auto zone cardone units. Had one that didn't work but the replacement was fine for a stock gn. Replaced it with a ac Delco gennie. Worked ok but I replaced it with a translator and newer maf from a blazer and damn I was sold...
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    Brake light comes on for a sec. then goes off

    You don't want to hear this but I'm going to tell you any way. Your power disaster is toast from sitting. Time to replace with vacuum or hydroboost. Don't waste time on it just swap it out. Otherwise it will find a way to kill you.
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    Powermaster rebuild

    I wouldn’t waste time or money on the power disaster. Convert to vacuum or hydroboost. It’s half the cost of the pm that will try to finish the job of killing you after you fix it.
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    Battle Bots enthusiasts

    I'm hooked love the program. Love playing armchair engineer and predict the outcomes. I'm amazed at the energy some of them make. Some of the weapons are outright scary. They look like toys in the ring but them things are 250 pounds of metal and technology that can do serious mayhem. As others...
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    Vacuum Brake Question

    If you can pump them up you have air in the system.
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    Who likes Chevy Silverado's?

    Currently have a. 2002 4Dr silverado HD. Love it. Tows all the toys with ease. Its a beast.
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    Urethane Bumper fill grey and cloudy

    Mine literally disintegrated in front of my eyes and crumbled off the car. Car looked like hell without the fillers. New fiberglass ones look and fit better than originals and were not expensive. I spray bombed and clear coated them and the match was perfect. Best 125 buck upgrade I ever did.
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    1987 GN Front Grill

    Thats a crying shame poor gutless gutless.
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    How NOT to fix a transmission?

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    Powermaster Help

    Do not play Russian roullete with a 32 year old power disaster. It will not end well. Evenually you will loose.
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    No brakes

    It was easy for me. Sudden unexpected loss of brakes at 40 mph coming to stop light equalled near death experiences on 2 separate occasions. Both times were 100% remain units after previous minor failures. The cost was a minor factor in the decision but safety on street #1 priority and the...
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    No brakes

    Power master failure. Time to swap to vacuum or hydroboost. Don't fool around with a 30 yr powermaster. It wants to kill you and it will if you give it the opportunity.
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    Super hard brake pedal. Very sketchy to drive

    Power disaster malfunction. Remove p.m. replace with either vacuum booster and master or hydroboost system. Pm not worth replacing.
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    2018 Is gone. What did you do . .

    On my 87 gn I finally upgraded to a ls maf and a translator. Big difference. Finally replaced bumper fillers too. Upgraded fpr too. Car never ran better. On my 72 suncoupe finally had it painted and new top made for it. Got a lot of the parts for the 72 cleaned and readied for reinstallation.