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    Tranny output shaft

    why do ya think it's bad . How much power ya got. 60's ?
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    Door hinges

    I have used one's in excellent cond. All were off parts cars I did in the 80/90s.
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    Georgia title info

    NH is also very good !! Massholes? SUCK.
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    Looking to add a GNX turbo set up on my 1998 C1500 4.3 v6

    $$$$$$$ pit coming up :ROFLMAO: But hey what do I know ? I did a 88 RX7 with a GN drivetrain. :rolleyes:
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    brake accumulator

    I have a NOS one ;)
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    Dump valve 2004r

    Hahaha.. mine is "Hey give it a whirl" :eek:
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    :unsure: Those are opinions !!! You know the expression .. every has one ;) New opinion will be about running a 50/50 water/ meth mix :ROFLMAO: TUNE TUNE TUNE.
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    Buying a 2020 Buick Envision

    Some ins companys won't insure a salvage car. NOW have it checked out and IF it's fine well second question is how long ya planning on keeping it ?? Drive it to the ground no problem.. Selling it 2/3 years down the road could be tuff with a salvage title. Oh another thing.. Will Buick still have...
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    So much depends on the weather.

    We race in all temps but rain. Lots of races are hot as hell to do. Ya need to take the good with the bad. ;)
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    Having trouble reading the worn off

    Chuck knows all the good one's. ;) :ROFLMAO:
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    Having trouble reading the worn off

    Babe from Walmart ?? ?? :unsure:
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    88 Mazda RX 7 Roller set up for a Buick Turbo V6 and a 200R4

    actually its the shortblock. did put an old ATR cam in it.