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    Slammed Turbo Regal Picture Thread........

    Checking in after 3 years away and this thread still is awesome. I am looking to get another GN and do it again....great motivation seeing all these!
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    T Type wheels

    Four T Type wheels w/ caps, 7/10 in appearance (maybe 8/10..I'm picky), but round and straight. $300 set. w/ questions or info Greg
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    Misc GN stuff

    Chip, wires and spindles sold and paid. Shipping in the a.m.
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    Misc GN stuff

    Hotwires pending w/ Mark as first back-up. TT chip is pending as well.
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    Misc GN stuff

    1. Bell Tech 2" drop spindles, bought from a member here that never used them, I had them on 2 years, but only drove about 100 miles on them. $125 2. TT chip- 42#, street 93 oct, 20/18 deg and 16-18 psi. Great for TE44/TA49 $40 (new in bag) SORRY PIC SUCKS....SO SMALL! 3. Caspers Hot wire kit...
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    3 GN wheel center caps

    I need 3 GN center caps, goin on the car so I can sell it so they dont have to be perfect. please e-mail if you have;
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    help needed... stock rear springs?

    Hey guys, it appears I am the end of the road w/ the GN. After a 2 yr divorce and custody fight along w continued financial hardships as a single dad of a 4 yr old, I just cant afford to hold onto the car. :( As you may remember mine is slammed, my OEM rear springs were cut to get it down low...
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    Speakerworks GN

    That car set a bar that was unbeatable. Only in the last few years did a regal get to that level again w/ Gary Biggs old car. Ironically it was a VERY simple set up also that was all about location and enclosure designs. Funny how 6 speakers can dominate SQ year after year. I'd be down to just...
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    okay. i've been had by eBay. lesson learned

    The strategy is be honest about how bad he lied. That's hard to defend looking at his Ebay ad vs what was received. Sorry man, but its good to get a crook in court, hate it was you but it appears you are the right man for the job! Good luck, keep us informed.
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    If you had to trade your Grand National........

    Scot's car looks like someone threw hand fulls of $100 bills over hand at it repeatedly...and I am ok w/ that! ;) That is what a complete package looks like, just so well thought out and perfectly executed.
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    88 gn????? wtf

    doesnt matter when it was made, what did the MSO say it is? $1 says a 1987 even if built in '88. (It'd be on the title now since MSO is long gone on that car).
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    New 18" Eagle 212s finally on

    Hub centric spacers are fine...MANY ppl run them on high HP cars.....not 7 second cars, but plenty of 11-12 sec cars.
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    Kyowa Racing Rims

    I can name about 10 companies that'd do the same thing. If you can find them in Honda Tuning mag...dont buy them. You'll think I am crazy, but scuff them and repaint w/ duplicolor wheel paint. I had to do that once and it looked better than OEM.
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    New 18" Eagle 212s finally on

    one of my faves, real hard to find when I was looking. Looks awesome!
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    I-40 highway robbery by TN cops

    Forget opinions, what does the constitution say my rights are? How does having money make me a criminal (Sounds like an Obama plan....I MUST have screwed someone if I have money so take it away....Bullspit!) This country needs to quit making so called "progress" and get BACK to the police...