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    Garage Advice new Build

    How do you like the fan? Does it spin fast or is it move like an air mover? Billy T.
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    Finishing Off My Garage Project

    I would call a garage door guy and have the garage door tracks moved higher towards the ceiling. Otherwise it looks good. Billy T.
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    Ceramic coatings for automotive paint?

    A new car needs paint correction big time. Billy T.
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    Upper Dash Screws

    I've been on a mission for years to find these screws. I can't even find a part number for them. They do pop up on E-Bay from time to time but most want an arm and leg for them. Billy T.
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    Garage Advice new Build

    Where did you get that ceiling fan from? Looks like a mini Big-Ass Fan. Billy T.
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    Weldon DB2025A fuel pump

    Weldon 2025A fuel pump (-12 inlet/-10 outlet). Got a clean bill of health from Jim Craig at Weldon this past April 2018. $400 shipped.
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    Rule changes

    You guys are getting further away from the original intent of the TSM class....entry level race class using a 109 block with a 70mm turbo. Now the class has evolved into Stage blocks, 72mm turbos, mini tubs, talk of M1 fuel, bla, bla, bla. Rules being changed to fit a particular person's car...
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    Rule changes

    I have no dog in this fight but TSM turned into the old TSL class. Just follow the TSL and be done with it. Billy T.
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    Virgin Stage 2 Off Center 3.8 25500012 Block Prep Guide

    If you need to provide prep instructions to a shop to machine your block, move onto another shop. Billy T.
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    who started this website (founding fathers) and when

    Travis? Billy T.
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    Anybody making fiberglass or preferrably carbon fiber doors for our cars thanks in advance

    Ultra carbon makes doors and trunk lid Billy T.
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    Remember Airwolf ?'re slacking
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    Garage Advice new Build

    Where the new brick meets the existing house, it should've been done different. You want the new brick "toothed" into the old brick. You do not want a butt joint. It'll give you problems years later. I've been on plenty of jobs were the GC did this type of work and water leaked through the...
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    Garage Advice new Build

    For your floor, hire a concrete floor guy, not a mason. When he goes the pour, have him polish the floor as the concrete dries. Towards the end, he should be using the helicopter and it'll be shooting sparks. Once it cures, then you can seal it. If you decide on epoxy, stay far away from the...
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    Garage Advice new Build

    Thanks. The panel liner takes out the maintenance end. My ceiling is 12'. The lift is a BendPak XPR10 symmetrical in the wide configuration which is certified. I personally think the BendPak lift requires more than 145". My 12' A frame ladder fits not problem. Ceiling height is fine for a...