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    Bruce Toelle SR has passed away.

    Sincere condolences, RIP
  2. G 3 bolt dyno challenge:

    Who won and what were the results? TIA
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    GNX 205

    Hi, Congrats on your recent purchase of #205! The stock injectors on GNX's were the same 29.8# Bosch injectors as stock TR's. The Bosch part number is 0-280-150-218. Here is a link to additional injector info: Link to GNTTYPE.ORG With it being a GNX, I would lean towards going with the...
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    Sizing a mini split AC

    The 9000 BTU mini-split in our basement is more than large enough. But keep in mind the thermal loading in our basement is quite low, no windows, and the walls and ceiling are insulated. I can't say for certain that a 9000 BTU will be big enough for your rooms, (I'm no expert on HVAC) but with...
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    Sizing a mini split AC

    One thing to target is an adequate cycle time, especially for applications where dehumidification is needed. If the mini-split is oversized it will short cycle meaning it will quickly cool the area and shut off which doesn't circulate a lot of air. Short cycling doesn't allow for much...
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    Borg Warner turbo in a Turbo Buick!

    It would be nice to see dyno results from different engine configurations. Now that the turbos are available through anyone can purchase one and test on their own configuration.
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    Borg Warner turbo in a Turbo Buick!

    I wouldn't be so quick to disregard the 3 bolt, presently a limited number are available from (call the number and ask for Sam). These are from the same batch of housings pictured in post #20 of this thread. At the recent Lorenz Performance and Racing open house two GN's...
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    Blast from the past.

    That was the day I met Rick, hard to believe that was over a decade ago.
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    Ford Ecoboost Guys...

    The stock direct injection system will support up to about 500HP, north of that will require either a secondary set of injectors or other significant fueling changes. Borla offers a complete package with larger turbos, cat back exhaust, tuner, and other bits to bump a stock truck up above...
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    Borg Warner turbo in a Turbo Buick!

    Yes, Nick is running an EFR-7670 which has a compressor wheel inducer diameter of 57mm. The first two digits '76' refer to the compressor wheel OD, not to be confused with the inducer diameter. See post #20 on this thread for further details on the nomenclature and sizes. Sent from my iPad...
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    Borg Warner turbo in a Turbo Buick!

    11.0 @ 3,000' on 15 psi of boost with a hurt gasket. That's pretty respectable for a 57mm turbo that spools so quick and has great street manners due to it's lightweight Titanium Aluminide turbine wheel with ceramic ball bearings. I look forward to hearing about what a clean pass at higher...
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    TurboDave has Passed Away

    Several family members are viewing this thread and we are appreciative of the condolences and kind comments. This board was a big part of Dave's life and his contributions will live on through this board. A memorial service is scheduled for December 9th, 12:30pm, at Dave's church which is...
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    TurboDave has Passed Away

    I write this with a heavy heart. This morning my father-in-law David 'TurboDave' Huinker passed away at home while surrounded by loved ones. His battle with Glioblastoma Multiforme (brain cancer) was a fast six or so weeks. Thankfully that type of cancer does not spread to other organs and he...
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    Some general fusebox & wiring questions

    Yes, FP while in boost should equal boost pressure plus pressure read with line off. In your case 14 + 43 = 57 Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    TurboDave has Passed Away

    Dave was transported home this morning via an ambulance. Unfortunately the brain tumor continues to grow making it impossible to regain his strength and undergo any types of treatments. The last time he ate was Thursday, breakfast went well but lunch was met with a lot of coughing. He has...