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    Kirbans reproduction gnx exhaust

    Ross, System came with 2 1/2 mufflers Rich
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    Kirbans reproduction gnx exhaust

    I installed one of the first RC systems in June, 2010. It is low as was mentioned. Daryl made some changes to those he installed. I was unaware Richard Clark made changes. I will have to contact him as he commented when he saw my installation at one of Dennis's open houses. View my installation...
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    NOS GM Power Antenna BRACKETS !!!

    Mike, I need one...send me you paypal information Thanks, Rich
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    Questions on stock parts

    I was looking at the pictures of the 3500 mile GNX on sale on eBay (...
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    I''ll take the NOS bracket if it is still for sale. PM me with payment instructions
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    Oil change on gnx

    I also use Red Line of the reasons, I emailed their engineering staff and they reported the amount of zddp in the oil is adequate for our flat tappet cams (they gave the analysis years ago which I posted at that time). The next question is What filter do you use? For the oil and...
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    GNX 530 Dash Plaque, real or reproduction?

    As I understand it, GM made duplicates of the dash plaques and many years ago Dennis Kirban obtained and was selling them. Then I heard that Dennis made the 500 range. All this is what I can check with X-Ray and Dennis to be sure. I did purchase one of the GM dups...
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    NOS 8 Hole Hood Insulating Pad

    This hood insulation pad was purchased a number of years ago from Kirban when he first offered them for sale. I stored it away above my car in the garage until I recently replaced it with a 9 hole pad. When I opened up the box I was surprised to notice some spots on the pad (see pictures). I...
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    FS: NOS Bumper Filler - Passenger Side

    I will take it...see my PM
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    FS: NOS Air conditioning switches and relays

    Will you do $200?
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    Bought more stuff, need to make room otherwise WIFE WILL KILL ME!

    Hi, I'll take: Engine/Engine Bay #24. Stock Fuel Pressure Regulator Vaccum Hoses, 2 @ $5 each...$10 27. New AC Fuel Filter...1 @ $5 28. Fuel Pump new...if this is P/N 25116164 I'll take it...1@ $15 You didn't mention anything about shipping or payment procedure...please let me know. thanks.
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    Rusted mufflers killing me.

    My mufflers were going (not as bad as yours) so I went with a Rich Clark system replacement...original system is now sitting in my attic. This way most of the original system is being preserved. New system is stainless so no worry about heating it up when just starting the car for a brief...
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    Front and Rear GN NOS Bumpers and Bumperettes.

    Pictures? Price?