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    Oil life and winter storage

    The leaves are falling and living in Philadelphia thoughts turn to putting the car away for several months. Considering this earlier this year, I checked my oil change frequency and was surprised it had been seven years since the last change. I only drive about 100-150 miles per year, use red...
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    zddp needed at BG

    What not try EOS (engine oil supplement)...GM #1052367? Don't know if its still available but it is on eBay ( As I recall, this product used to...
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    What's my car worth

    Today my barber said that last night (8/4/16) on What's my car worth featured a GNX. Did anyone see this episode and if so, what was their evaluation? My barber's comment was that they are worth a lot of money and that the one being shown was black. If you saw this please comment as I do not...
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    GNX 532 at Mecum , Harrisburg,Pa

    First I noticed the tires are not original (wouldn't you store a 280 mi car on jack stands in a garage....why would the tires be changed?). And why would they say the mileage is believed to be..... This car would have to be examined very closely
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    GNX featured tonight

    My son sent the below message.... Tonight at 8:30, channel 870 (Velocity HD) is the show "What's My Car Worth". They are featuring the GNX. Today is 6/9 and I am in Phila on FiOS. Don't know if they are transmitting this beyond this network. Hope you see this in time.
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    NOS GNX Turbo

    All the GNX turbo's came with an adjustable wastegate....the turbos on the TR did not. The GNX turbos also have a particle trap.
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    NOS GNX Turbo

    Just spotted this on ebay..... Asking $4500 or make offer. If you are really looking for one......
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    Enjoying #331

    You got a good one...the gas gauge is not even fogged up!
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    GNX for sale

    If you follow Dennis Kirban's report about the T2L code (GNX delivery) on the window and truck sticker, another easy thing to do to distinguish a clone is simply look for that code on the trunk sticker.
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    Oil filter question

    The best oil site (lubrication engineers) & more than you care to read about oil is Plenty of folks on that site cutting up filters. Plenty of listings on this site. Personally I just use a K & N although others have similar micro filter capability. Decide for...
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    More new NOS & Used GN & TTA Parts

    I am interested in the following: valve cover breather grommet (quantity - 1, p/n1264486) & Grill spring (quantity -2, p/n 25516618) . If available, send payment info
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    Scanmaster 2.1 - Brand new, never installed

    $195 shipped to 19115
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    GNX Dash Number(s)

    In surfing eBay yesterday, I found a listing for "1987-BUICK-GNX-GRAND-NATIONAL-DASH-EMBLEM-NUMBERED-1986-T-TYPE-grand-national3-8"....
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    Kirbans reproduction gnx exhaust

    Ross, System came with 2 1/2 mufflers Rich