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    700r swap

    Why would you want to?? At one point guys used to argue the point that it was easier to get a good used one but now the newest one is 30 years old. There is no point and there is expense (adapter plate, driveshaft shortening, cooler line modifications, moving cross member). They are not a "bolt...

    Stock 86-87 driver side header and a nice stock exhaust cross over

    I am looking for a stock driver side exhaust header/manifold that is repairable or has been cleanly repaired. I am also looking for a VERY nice stock exhaust cross over. Nothing beat up or dented. Thanks in advance guys.

    Fixed mast antenna

    Well I got my hands on a fixed antenna from a Cutlass. The design is slightly different than the Buick one but it bolts on with NO modifications including using the factory holes in the inner fender.

    Fixed mast antenna

    I never realized this would this difficult to find. No one parts out Regals anymore?

    Fixed mast antenna

    Still looking.

    Fixed mast antenna

    I am looking for the fixed mast/stationary/non power antenna that came standard if the car did not have the power antenna option.

    Fixed mast antenna

    Looking for the correct GM fixed mast antenna and cable assembly. Anyone have anything?

    98-05 Blazer rear disc brake set up

    Looking for a complete set up from a 2 wheel drive Blazer or Jimmy

    Hood strut brackets (both sides)

    Found them guys. Thanks!
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    What makes a BRF a BRF?

    And I said So I was correct.
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    Comparing gas tank baffles

    The Spectra is the one that is made in Canada. If you look at my 2nd post in this thread you will see the extensive baffling. All of the tanks have baffling/reinforcements along the rear of the tank. Both of the replacements had it and the factory one had it as well. But the plastic baffle was...
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    Comparing gas tank baffles

    I cut up my original tank before I disposed of it. I saved the original plastic baffle. Funny that it has a GM part number on it. Maybe someday I will get a non baffled tank and cut it open and install this and Tig weld if shut.