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    Stroker Engine for Sale

    JamaicanPaul ... was this engine listed on Kijiji a few weeks back? If its the one, that one hell of a deal for someone lucky out there!
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    concert sound radio '87 GN

    Fat Nat ... if LongbedGT isn't interested. There a good chance I am. Also need the harness in the back. If there is the door harness that would be a plus. My harness was cut at the door speaker connectors.
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    Set of Gray Front Seat Belts

    Mike, what are the chances of still having the gray drives side female end? I know a guy who's looking for one.
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    Low fuel warning module

    PP sent
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    Low fuel warning module

    I have a good home for it right here in The Great White North!
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    Set of Gray Front Seat Belts

    Hey Mike, hope its not to much of a bother to get a pic of the date code/part number from the front set belt retractors. They are sown on & visible when the belts are all the way out.
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    Real Deal OE GM trunk weatherstrip WITH LIP SEAL for 86-87

    Anthony P .... good find! As I know 1st hand 25558394 did not fit our cars (I have several). Being a 30+yr GM employee I used the original 20641957 I had in a box from 1989 or so. Nothing wrong with not giving out a number you worked hard to get. On the other hand .. it doesn't stop the future...
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    WOW now that was a quick response. Please do double check. If that's the part# I will take it.
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    I'm interested in the serp belt. Could I get the part # that's on it?
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    OEM concert speakers

    Sending PM in a min.
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    Large parts for sale

    Would you happen to have two mint shape compact spares? I know it wouldn't be cheap to ship but such is life!
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    Pics. of 87 GN Seats are Here

    WOW those are nice!! That's less then what I paid just for the original grey & black pallex material.
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    New Coolant and Windshield Reservoir Wanted

    WOW!! That cleaned up well. It would make sense that's its possible to clean as its only plastic oxidation. I've completely restored back to new the exterior plastic trim on a Chevy Avalanche that was completely grey using Adams Polishes products for plastic. Will have to try the same on the...
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    Side body moulding installation

    There was a guy on the site here that stated Steel Rubber was willing to make a repo part of the original body side mouldings. Now it would be nice if the initiative would be followed through !!
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    87 T..

    What are the chances that you got the original Canadian window sticker with the car. That would be interesting to see !!