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    trans, intercooler, injectors

    it has billet servo, art carr harden drum, art carr shift kit with my own mods, harden pump stator, red line band, pts pressure regulator line up,10 vain rotor kit, trans go non lock up kit, altos red clutch's in direct drum, raybestos clutch's in the rest, deep pan with 700 filter, taylor...
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    Calendar Voting Here!!!!!!

    23 18 22 26 29
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    Happy Birthday Klhammett!

    yeah ! Inside the bath room behind the toilet:D
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    Happy Birthday Klhammett!

    I hope you got some new underwear for your birhtday!:confused:
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    West Coast Nationals at Las Vegas

    otto we dont want your underwear in our town!:eek:
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    ARIZONA Caravan to West Coast Nationals

    25 gallons is all your allowed I tried to bring a 55 gal drum and got turned around!
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    West Coast Nationals at Las Vegas

    I think midnight mayhem has taken away alot of t-n-t people The last t-n-t I went to there were maybe 25-40 cars and that was when it was cool out I dont think we will have any problems with the buick event! Its friday night at midnight mayhem that will be crazy! Just my thought on...