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    Not A GN but a Buick Electra 225 Vs SRT Challenger 1320 Edition

    Beautiful Electra sleeper! I have a nearly identical purple Challenger and it's no slouch!
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    Parts for sale

    Do the rockers fit factory 8445 iron heads? Is 1.65 excessive on mild cam and factory heads with proper valve stem height and spring pressures?
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    23 Row Bowling Green Custom SLIC

    I am interested in your intercooler if still available. Does this have a 2.5" inlet and outlet? Do the factory brackets work with this intercooler? (Minus the bottom one/modify grind original) Will the sway bar still fit?
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    Test pipe for stock down pipe ( for my ‘87 GN)

    I also one if needed, it's slightly used stock pipe testpipe that I won't be using after I upgrade to a 3" downpipe.
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    WTB: 60lb INJ Alky, Torque Converter, 3Bar Map, Oil and Clnt Temp Gauges Etc.

    I have a brand new in box PTC torque converter I'd sell.
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    third brake light

    Definately a bad ground if you have 12 volt at the socket when the pedal is pressed.
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    Shop clean out, parts priced to sell!

    I'm also intrested in the book, if you wanted to toss that into the package with your airboxes, and will take MO payment, consider them sold!
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    Shop clean out, parts priced to sell!

    I'm interested in buying both of the air boxes! Are they for an 86-87? Zip code is 98270 if you want to box it up and figure out shipping. Can I pay with a Money Order? Thanks!
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    Cleaning out the shop, misc parts for sale cheap.

    I'm interested in the airboxes, are they for 86-87? Do you have any other air intake and/or box parts? We're talking about air filter boxes?
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    1987 Buick Regal Turbo T - part out

    What shape is the dash plaque/plate on the passenger side dash in? How much would you want for it? Is the grey cover plate over the shifter cleanable/decent shape?
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    Metco uppers & lowers, DLS ported intake

    If you decide to separate the control arms, I'd be interested in purchasing the lowers.
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    car shutters at cruising speeds

    I had this exact problem when I purchased my factory original 87. One of the first things I did after fixing vacuum leaks and changing transmission fluid I realized it was the lock up at low RPM in 4th gear doing it. I got a turbo tweak chip and all my problems went away with the chip! Cruising...
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    Trans trade for case of beer

    If it comes down to me in line, I will match your case of beer and bring a second case of beer of your choice!!
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    im looking for gn rear end 8.5

    I have one that I'd sell, its located in WA State