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    Powder coated valve covers

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    Extreme automatics 2004R for sale

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    Florida Turbo Trans Am #966 For Sale - $9,500

    My point exaclty....any body with the $ would buy it for that kind of $;) Anyway, good luck seller. Its seems to be a solid car for a reasonable price
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    Florida Turbo Trans Am #966 For Sale - $9,500

    You or the buyer must not of had the $. It still doesnt mean that it was bought for 7-8k. I would have bought that car all day long for 8k. Even at 8k that car would have been a steal..... I wish I had that opportunity.... money talks and bs walks.
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    Florida Turbo Trans Am #966 For Sale - $9,500

    Were you there when it sold? My guess is not. Because a spread from 7-8k is obviously just a guess. And if it did sell for 8k, anybody with a brain and $$$ would have jumped all over it. If its the one I saw for sale the owner was asking about 11k.
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    Correct NGK plugs?

    Thanks for the replies. The cross reference chart helped alot. Thanks, Dave
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    Correct NGK plugs?

    I just bought a TTA and I'm having a hard time figure out which are the correct plugs for our cars. I know I want NGK but cant seem to cross reference the exact part #. There seem to be variations. Thanks in advance, Dave
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    Driver side roof rail weatherstrip.

    I have one NOS one but have to see which side its for. part #20737658 I think its the left side but not sure
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    WTB: BRF 200r4 rebuildable core

    I have a good original brf tranny from my car for sale. In WPB, FL
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    Looking For T Type Factory Center Caps

    I have 2 NOS ones brand new in the gm boxes Dave 954-937-3363
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    NOS GM lower door seals

    I have one side(drivers I think) new in the gm box.
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    I have a very nice set but no chrome bezel housing. Those can be taken off of your existing lights and transferred to the new ones. LMK Dave 954-937-3363
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    I bought a TTA and need stock (original) parts like down pipe, cats, exhaust, washer and radiator containers, wires, coil, T-tops and visors, turbo, turbo shield, leather seat skins, passenger side trim panel by the seat belt, spoiler, floor mats, hoses, radio,visors, exhaust tips, vacuum block...
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