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    5-7 gal. of VP M1 methanol for sale

    I will take it if you still got it.
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    I possibly may. I know several other were talking about going with the original date not sure if they still plan to or not
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    How low can MT DR tire pressure be set at track?

    i run 20 psi in tires. they hook great at @15 psi launch
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    advice on tuning

    Same issue. Wound up using the TPS trigger and it worked for me.
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    advice on tuning

    my powerlogger had the same issues. wound up using a trigger to get it to log.
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    ISO Stainless ATR Exhaust w/Pitt Bull Mufflers

    if you find another 2.5 i would like to get that 3” from you
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    Holley smart coil holders

    What i did. Bison sells a plate to mount them also.
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    Mobile Phone OS decision

    I use the i phone for my personal and work. does what i need it to. I do notice that some of the apps i want to use are only available on android so that sucks sometimes. Dont have much experience with android to compare it to.
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    Turbo 6 Performance

    Think his name is Michael David. We did some trading for a bunch of A/C parts. shipping company wound up destroying my parts and i took the shaft on that one. Wasnt his fault but definitely sucked. Seemed like a nice guy on the phone otherwise.
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    WTB good cam sensor cap

    looking for a known good cam sensor cap.
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    Which in-tank fuel pump??

    how much with the DW400 pump.
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    Which in-tank fuel pump??

    Im running a DW300 with stock lines and hanger. ran a 10.60 so far.
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    Spark Plug Upgrade Cross-over from AC Delco to NGK

    running UR6 in mine.
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    Stock Axles

    in the research ive done no one really has a good answer. my opinion is if you start dipping in the tens or want to run a trans brake a good set of axles should be on the to do list.