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    I'm knocking on 11s, 12.09

    no idea why I’m just getting symbols for this comments but yes I did.
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    I'm knocking on 11s, 12.09

    Thank you!!!!
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    Fast XFI eDash TCITCU Engine Harnesses TR6

    Just sell the Edash?
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    Replacement radiator

    I went fbody and Casper’s dual fans. Fbody from Autozone. With a gn1 front mount. No ac. Temps always stay low.
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    DYNO results in!

    I made 330hp/550tq on a TE44 on E85/80s/450pump XFI Sportsman with 27# of boost that ran a 12.0, 3 years ago. I added the GN1 Front Mount and Single shot, double pumper and 160s, that ran a 11.4@117 at 30#. Haven't had it on the dyno with the new parts. I have a set of ported stock heads...
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    Sportsman and E85

    I ran the sportsman on e85 for a couple years. I liked it a lot. Learned the tuning side of it, which I wanted to know. It’s pretty straight forward. I know enough to get by but am still learning as I tune the car more. I upgraded to the xfi2.0 for more fine tuning. Largest most readily...
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    I'm knocking on 11s, 12.09

    I thought I posted this but I finally accomplished my 11 second pass. Lots of things changed! I was going home pissed as hell, on trailer broke or exited! gn1 front mount and 4in single shot Made the most drastic changes. Along with the xfi 2.0. Thiswas my 3rd run. I have a trans brake but...
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    Racetronix Fuel Line kit

    When I did mine, I laid it all out on the floor next to the car so I could see it. The supply line for me had a 45 degree angle. I ran that in front of the intake across which came behind the alternator. Then the line itself makes a bend be the cruise control and then goes down behind the brake...
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    FS - XFI Sportsman - 950 Shipped

    For sale is a XFI Sportsman. Comes with everything Adapter box Xfi Wideband sensor Usb cable Pm
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    Lack of Fish

    Had a couple high school kids ask me to race them in an older car. So I gave them the hit and a few car lengths. Then I tried to race a new bmw but he didn’t wants any, although I saw his girl smiling her ass off ever time I ripped it. Did race my dad in his model 3. From a roll and dig...
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    thinking about a TR6 - coil options?

    I just swapped over to the ignition. Coilpack tr6 and plugs. Car runs so much more smoother. I have it set up to run the 2 step with a potentiometer also.
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    Tr6 set it and forget it ?

    I just installed one too. Wired in a two step switch. A couple days later bought a potentiometer so I don’t have to keep opening the damn box to set the 2step rpm.
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    Oil cooler lines - valve covers - stock intercooler

    All prices are shipped and OBO Oil lines - 90 Valve covers - 75 Stock intercooler - 115