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    87 GN TV cable

    Looking for a TV cable for my GN. Can pick up local to Phoenix Az. or shipped to 85283.
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    Can't get Accumulator Ball Off

    A couple options I thought of; since the MC is cast and the ball is steel, try and heat the MC body local to the threads. This will expand the body, the heated MC body should release the ball due to expansion. Use a heat-gun or hair-dryer. Second, try using a Strap-wrench, wrapped around the...
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    Vss and dakota digital dash

    Please allow the details, I just had my DD dash installed, I lost the Cruise Control and I think the lockup converter is not working.
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    Looking to pick up a 87 GN console riser in GN colors e.g. black & gray.

    Looking to pick up a 87 GN console riser in GN colors e.g. black & gray.
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    Rag-joint replacement w/ Jeep part...need details for 87 GN

    Hello, was told an article existed on replacing the rag-joint on the 87 GN with a Jeep part and no mods needed. Can someone please point me to the details on this? Thanks!!!
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    Bringing the GN back to life

    MPH digital display worked, quit, worked, quit. Both right/left indicator columns have non-functioning lights; Volt, Temp, Oil, Brake. Working lights; Check Engine, RT/LT Signal, Fasten Seat belt, Cruise. Extracted the digital display from the cluster, cleaned the rear contacts, checked the...
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    Bringing the GN back to life

    Thanks John!
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    Bringing the GN back to life

    Can I get a diagram for the vacuum T-line between the boost-control solenoid, turbo body and the wastegate. I read that the orifice is different on one branch of the "T" fitting and must be placed correctly. I discovered the line not connected, replaced the lines and didn't think this was...
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    Bringing the GN back to life

    It was stored outside covered in Phoenix Az. Replaced the fuel tank, pump and sending unit, flushed the fuel lines. First tank has Chevron Techron fuel injector cleaner. Replaced all the fluids i.e. differential, transmission, engine. Replaced the radiator and started using RMI coolant. Brake...
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    Bringing the GN back to life

    Hi everyone! Just pulled the GN out of storage after 23 years, I'm the original owner, left it 100% stock and put 91k miles on it. After a little work it's running but as you can imagine I'm having some fun; - I need the hard plastic vacuum line between the turbo-boost sensor and the intake. I...