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    lt4 starter

    I bought the LT1 starter at Advance Auto. And a two pack of bolts. Bolted right in, hooked right up, no wire extensions or shims. Works GREAT !!! PART # ERE- 17579S . BOLT PACK # MTM 45640
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    Wiper arms 87 T

    Hello everyone, I no longer need the wiper arms. I found two pairs at a local wrecking yard for $20.00 Thanks.
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    Scan tool not not reading voltage correctly

    Hello, I had the same problem, either replace the fuse that the scanmaster is on or clean up the terminals on your old fuse. Fixed mine !!
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    Cooling fan upgrade

    Yes. Both speeds working. When driving, no problem but when sitting and idling that is when it starts to go up, and the fan is running high speed. I have not tried to see how hot it would get if I just let it idle for a long time, maybe it would just get so warm and settle in. When idling and...
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    Cooling fan upgrade

    Thanks for the Info. I live in Oregon so I use a 180 degree t-stat for a warm heater in winter. In summer with a/c on and in traffic or not moving the temp gradually creeps up to 200-205 degrees. Stock fan does not pull enough air to keep temp down. I have looked at the fans people and Caspers...
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    Cooling fan upgrade

    Does anyone know if there is one that I can use that mounts, and electrically hooks up like stock but pulls more air through the radiator? Thanks.
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    Wiper arms 87 T

    Hello, I am looking for wiper arms for my 87 T. Mine are silver. But black will work. Thanks.
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    Cooling fan upgrade

    Champion Aluminum 3 row.
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    Cooling fan upgrade

    Hello, anyone know of an upgrade cooling fan for 87 T ? Looking for something that will fit in stock location and not real complicated to install. Looking for a little more air flow thru radiator. Thanks.
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    Coolant temp difference.

    Hello. I am getting a different temp reading on my VDO temp gauge compared to the reading on my scanmaster. Is there a way to connect the coolant temp sensor on TOP of the manifold to my VDO gauge? Any ideas on how to get the readings to match up would be appreciated. And, yes I have replaced...
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    What is the best currently available Coil pack and module?

    It also uses individual coils. Not a pack.
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    What is the best currently available Coil pack and module?

    I used a module and coil setup rom a 1986 Century. Very slight mods to mount plate. Other than that, plug and play. Works great.
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    Dark screen problem

    Thanks. Don
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    No VSS signal to Computer

    Call Caspers and talk to them.