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    Turbo buick fuel injectors

    Turbo Buick injectors Thanks Steve X!
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    Turbo buick fuel injectors

    Hello, I just bought a 2003 Buick GS for my daily driver. Question is.... Will my 42.5 turbo buick fuel injectors work on my GS if I ever need them? What is the most bang for buck mod I can do to the GS? Thanks.
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    Small block 200r4

    Hello, My brother just bought a 66 chevy impala conv with a 327 4 barrel carb and a powerglide with 308 rear gears. He wants to change the rear gears to 373 and put a 200r4 tranny in it. Question is.. what will he need to replace the powerglide with the 200r4? He is also going to install an...
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    radiator cover bolt size

    Thanks again!!!
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    radiator cover bolt size

    Hello, I just ordered a new ss radiator cover from G-BODY parts and would like to get some ss bolts. Question is.. What size do I need? Anyone else have this cover and how easy or hard was the installation? Thanks:cool:
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    replacing fuel tank

    hello. I have a 87turbo regal that i need to replace thefuel sending unit and pump. tHE FUEL PUMP ONLY HAS ABOUT5000miles but I guess it should be donewhile its apairt,The fuel tank also has a aot of rustso i think that should replaced also.I am going to trydo do this work my self because i have...
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    April Contest! GiveAway AGAIN!!!

    Count me in!:cool:
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    Besides a Buick turbo, What other turbo cars have you owned?

    I had a 85 GN and a 88 thunderbird turbocoupe with a 5 speed. The thunderbird was a lot of fun for a 4 cyl, pretty quick also!
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    Here we go again, MARCH GIVE AWAY!

    :D Count me in too!
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    Im in!:cool:
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    January FREE Give Away! FRONT AIR DAM!!!

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    Last person to post will receive...

    I win!
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    BIG GIVE AWAY!!! Nov. Contest!

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    September Giveaway Prize Entry Thread

    I'm in. Im in.