Fell in love with the turo Buick in high school when I was lucky enough to ride in one......I consider myself the lucky few that own one. I am doing my public service to educate the younger generations to respect and fear the turbo Buick !!

Grand Nationals. Grand Nationals .... Did I mention Grand Nationals?
My car(s)
84 Grand National
91 Silverado w LT1
67 Mustang
77 Jaguar XJS - LS1 Conversion


84 Grand National - Fully Converted to 87 Forged Pistons, Forged Crank, forged rods, billet main caps, ARP head Studs, Internally Balanced, Champion Iron Heads, Ported Intake, 215/220 roller cam , morel roller lifters, matched spring kit, High Volume Oil Pump, Hot Wire kit, 440 ML High Volume fuel pump, 80 lb injectors, Extreme Front Mount Inter Cooler,, Poly Motor Mounts, Turbo Saver, Trans Cooler, 3 row champion radiator, 140 AMP ALT, Precision 6466 DBB Turbo , ALKY KIT, 3,000 9 inch revolution stall converter. RJR plate, Electron HMI boost electronic boost controller, scan master, LS MAF , Kenny Bell Ram Air, 3 inch DP, two speed Tarus elec. Fan TT Chip



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