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    1987 Grand National for sale very nice one

    Barrett Jackson, Barrett Jackson.......What a joke:rolleyes: . People with deep pockets that have nothing else to do with their money. Makes me wonder if they realize how much they overpay on these cars compared to current market value if they looked elsewhere.
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    I Want Gnx 293....dammit!

    Don't sell that GN! You will regret later. Yes, you can always get an identical one again, but you'll always know that it is not the same car. Does that make sense? You get what i mean. I sold my 87 awhile back to upgrade to something i thought i would be happier with. Guess what...... I was...
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    009's For Sale

    Got a nice set of low mile (couple hundred) 009 injectors . $135.00 shipped
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    Had the baby out for a little air today

    All i can say is WOW. Nice rides
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    86 Moonroof GN for sale

    Car is still here. I'm dumb founded that no one has scooped it up? Shawn and Jack. I'll give you guys both calls this evening. Shawn, this would make a great 10 sec ride.
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    1987 Buick Regal - T package V8 300 miles!

    I think i would still drop a turbo motor in it. Even with it being a ultra low mile original.
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    1987 Buick Regal - T package V8 300 miles!

    This one is not mine, just came across it in the local ads. Car has the T package but is a v8. Gun-metal grey in color with blackout. States it has only 300 miles. To bad this isn't a Turbo car. Just thought i would pass it on to anyone interested. It is at a local Ford dealership:eek: here in...
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    86 Moonroof GN for sale

    Quiky One, Thank you so much for hosting the pics of my GN. Your the best:biggrin:
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    86 Moonroof GN for sale

    I sent a group of them to you TVelotta with the correct email a couple days ago. Did you receive any? I'll send them again to you tomorrow morning. It takes awhile to send them on my slow computer. Gnxwanna.... Yeah this Ebay thing is starting to be well taken over by deadbeats and scammers...
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    86 Moonroof GN for sale

    You have PM's Mike and Jack. I try to get some pics out to you Grumpy and Tvelotta. tonight. Thanks.
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    86 Moonroof GN for sale

    1986 Buick Grand National...... Texas car, no rust, 110k miles, clear title. Factory moonroof car, pwr seat,windows and locks. Concert sound, posi rear. Car is in very good shape with no rust on the body. Paint is in good condition. Underneath is equally nice. Interior is in good shape with no...