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    IAC part number

    Here are the GM part numbers (from the Buick Illustrated Parts manual) MOTOR , IDLE AIR CONTROL (1984-85)................................................. 25530695 MOTOR , IDLE AIR CONTROL (1986-87)................................................. 25527077 GASKET , IDLE AIR MOTOR...
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    Hesitation off-idle and waveform

    As I interpret what you've said, you're using an 87 ECU, stock 87 MAF, stock 87 ignition and stock 28# injectors. Two questions, stock Bosch 233 fp regulator? and which chip(s) are using? The last time I used TunerPro the xdf file was written for a stock chip. Since you're looking at the...
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    Chip Identification Help

    It's a home made chip, could be anything. By the way, the glass on the top should have tape over it to keep light out. UV light (as in sun light) will turn it into a blank chip. :eek:
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    NEED HELP! Code 31

    It's a rainy day here in New Jersey so I made a block diagram of the wastegate control stuff.
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    Can anyone help me ID these chips?

    The chip in the first photo doesn't appear to have anything on its label. It could be anything. The 2nd chip (BBKJ 9464) is the emissions recall chip issued in 1991/1992. The original '87 chip was marked ACXA 094.
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    Hypertech 41372

    The Hypertech 41372 chip uses all stock spark advance tables so the suggestion to get a newer (TT) chip is good advice. There are only a few changes in the chip versus a stock 87 and they are higher torque converter lock-up mph, start-up AFR richer from 68 - 133 degrees coolant, richer PE AFR...
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    Chip config

    Sorry for the late response to your question but I just saw this post. The answer to " Is there a way to check the size of injectors configured within a chip? " is yes, well sort of. You need to put the chip in a PROM reader so the numbers inside can be copied. One of these numbers is used by...
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    Cam Position Sensor/Crank Position Sensor Testing

    The no-start tree refers to Code 41 which is Cam Sensor failure (no output pulses). You don't need a scan tool to determine if an error code is stored in the computer. Just use a metal paperclip to short pins A & B in the ALDL connector. This is the port your scan tool plugs into and pins A &...
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    Fuel Gauge reading wrong

    The gas gauge sending unit is just a variable resistor. It's resistance is 90 ohms when the tank is full and zero ohms when empty. It is linear so 1/2 tank is 45 ohms, etc. You'll need a volt-ohm meter to troubleshoot it. Two wires are used to make it work, a pink wire for the gauge and a...
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    Casper chip?

    Pull the chip out carefully and look at the bottom. There should be a sticker with additional info such as the injectors it was made for, max spark advance, etc. That was the convention "back in the day". If it say "Bluetop Performer" you're in luck because I have the details for it.
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    FP Regulator bad?

    I was thinking the same thing which is why my return line was suspect. However I can't see any kinks, I enlarged the opening and blew air through it 3 times - made no difference. It certainly appears that the frame mounted return line is the problem because I first disconnected the hose at...
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    FP Regulator bad?

    In 1998 when I swapped the stock turbo with a TA49, I wanted just 'a bump up' from stock. The GN was my daily driver and I was commuting 110 miles a day. As for the fuel pump I'm not opposed to using a smaller one. I just want to provide the fuel required for the Lucas 009 injectors at 16 -...
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    FP Regulator bad?

    The pressure at hot idle is set to 43.5 vac off. The chip is my own design. As a temporary fix for the rich idle and normal driving, I have the ecm command less fuel during non-boost conditions and switch to normal (for my injectors) under boost (set to 16-18 lbs). I can change anything the...
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    FP Regulator bad?

    Sorry guys, I was away for a few days. Let me start with info I should have posted much earlier (or put in my signature). 1987 GN (original owner) Stock engine, TA49 turbo (adj. wastegate rod), stock intercooler, stock intake with open 4" K&N, stock MAF, flow matched Delphi/Lucas 009 injectors...
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    FP Regulator bad?

    Well I'm back from the garage and have good news and bad news. Good news first - I was able to drill the Return line to #28 (0.1405) without destroying the Saginaw fitting. I blew out the line from the rear then hooked everything back up. Now for the bad news - fuel pressure w/vac off = 43 psi...