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    In need of Help GNx

    Thank you Rick I will get some pictures then figure out to post them
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    In need of Help GNx

    Will try and post some I forgot I also have the complete rear end with brackets still attached.
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    In need of Help GNx

    I am trying to find out a GNx suspension I aquired in 1989 or 1990 I purchased the components from a man by the name of Geo Poe in Texas. He told me that the came from a proto type or concept car 1986 GN they consist of pan hard bar brace bar and ladder bar all have heim ends instead of the...
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    GNX ,Prototypes,Parts,Build Info, EXC

    I am in need of contacting Rick Hunt, I have a GN that has nearly all original GNx parts that I would like to verify, I got the car in 1989 supposedly was a concept car. Rick e-mail is Thanks
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    timing gears set

    I need to buy a timing set with gaskets Ive looked and cant figure out what I need other that I want to stay stock plus I would like to get a set of valve springs, Thanks Coldair
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    Earl have been flowing your posts can you tell me the following I need timing gears, valve...

    Earl have been flowing your posts can you tell me the following I need timing gears, valve springs, gaskets timing and valve covers, also a good every day fuel pump and hot wire, I'm not very good at this stuff but sure like it . If you can please reply
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    old timers time to shine!

    Well this is stupid again I have very bad success with changing valve cover gaskets, would it be to much to ask for a step by step guide to this problem. I have looked thru all the post and haven't found enough to figure where I'm wrong. Earl Brown you always come up with good stuff that a...
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    Brakes again

    Im back with another question I got a new vaccum set up but not sure about the brake pedal, what do I need to get the pedal out of ? Thanks Again
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    Brakes again

    thanks rag231
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    Brakes again

    Please do Im very interested in this
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    Brakes again

    I'm trying to decide what to do about my brakes I have a junk powermaster so I would like to change to the powerboost if I can I'm just not sure about the vaccum set up I know this has been talked to death but I need so sound advise and help. Is there any donor cars that would have either...
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    Info on GTA wheels

    Thank you for the info would like to get done and enjoy this thing
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    Info on GTA wheels

    I have a question on the GTA wheels I have 4 rears what do I need to use them on my Turbo T this is a sometimes project that I would very much like to be done any help would be great. Thanks
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    I have a restration project and Would like to find louvers if not then where are the best and correct ones found Thanks coldair
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    exhust hangers

    I was wondering if anyone would happen to know where to find new or used for that matter the rear exhust hanger that are about the axle or if they might have been from another G-body? Thanks coldair