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    CK Performance?

    Shane you are dead wrong.I responeded to you thru Brian Bissonette ( Bison) because you were not getting back to me and I asked him to help. PM him and I am sure he can verify this.I do not want to get him involved but at least you will find out the truth. We were going to wash the ad bill with...
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    CK Performance?

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    CK Performance?

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    Shift Kit ?

    Here is a link to ours.Scroll down,
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    TH400 Billet aluminum forward drum

    Turbobitt, I finally finished them. Added the drain holes at the od to help return the oil flowing across those grooved clutch plates to the sump quickly and further reduce clutch housing weight when spinning by keeping the oil from backing up in the drum.Directs are in as well.Will post pics...
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    2004r billet aluminum overrun clutch piston

    High rpm usage in d4 range results in clutch piston spinnout in the overrun clutch housing, tearing up lip seals and eroding clutch piston legs off the base of the piston. This is the fix.
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    Effect of tightening direct drum clearance

    .060" is the number to shoot for. If left tighter the spin loss percentage will go up dramatically when the clutch pack is open. With engines that spin above 6500 I set them @ .080".
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    The r The reason it hasnt shown any trouble is because oil in the torque converter is acting on the front face of the shaft seating it rearward when the engine is running. It belongs there but i have seen them run without it without scratching the od basket, This doesnt mean it is ok though.
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    CK Performance...

    Body was held until my other uncle, his brother could make it for the service. April 27th. Got the call on my aunt in the hotel I was staying at after the funeral service at 5 am Friday...
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    CK Performance...

    Google Aliki Ramo Staten Island and Nikolaos Kokonis New York and the dates of death/burials and you will understand why I am 1 week behind. Your payment will be sent out tomorrow after my Aunts funeral. Thanks for your concern..
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    CK Performance...

    My numbers are all good. If you call in you will always get someone.
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    th-400 and thrust bearing?

    If you bring the trans to a shop it should cost you around 50.00 to have it done. I dont recommend doing it at home without the right tools on hand however the choice is yours. There are complete pump rebuilds on the tech logs of my website that will aid you if you attempt it at home.
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    th-400 and thrust bearing?

    Anyone interested in a quick and easy way to keep converter charge in check with a TH400 installed behind a 3.8 Buick V6 can view the final page of the RPFMTB instructions link provided.
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    Question for experienced 200r4 builders

    I have slide springs which match the .555" boost valve and most pressure regulator springs, however if you are using the .500" boost valve the use of the slide spring that comes in the TRANSGO hi rev pump kit ($12.00) available everywhere will get the job done. You can use this kit with the...
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    Torque converter for TH400

    Give transmission specialties in PA a call. They offer an excellent converter for Turbo Buick applications at a great price. Ask for Justin. He is the guy to spec it out for you. 610 485 9110