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    MAF Translator Problems

    What part did u get a GM Buick or a LT1
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    Precision PT 71 turbo

    I'm planning on front mount intercooler, 60lbd injectors, turbo and down pipe. Already did trans with 9" converter and fuel pump kit, scan master, exhaust system, air bag, ect. Now working on engine bolt ONS.
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    Precision PT 71 turbo

    What size injectors would work with this best? Is this much bigger than my ta49? Will everything bolt up?
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    50# Inj low miles

    Do you have a 93 chip? What size turbo did u use?
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    Gn an precision plenum

    Will this bolt on stock manifold? What size is front diameter? Stock outside dimensions. Will stock intake pipe work with k&n
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    TA-49 Turbo,less than 500 miles since precautionary reuild by Precision.

    Interested. Also in injectors and chips. Please send info to
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    Vacuum brake

    How do u find Richard Clark to rebuild one?
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    Seal for master cylinder lid rubber gasket

    Thanks guys. So I put new hoses and shoes on. Put S10 rear wheel cylinders on. Bleed everything till no air. Now pump runs and doesn't stop. I'm so frustrated.
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    Seal for master cylinder lid rubber gasket

    Anyone know where I can get a new seal for the LId? 1987 Turbo T. When I pump my breaks with engine off I can hear itt letting air out. Is this normal? I just put all new brakes and fluid in and now it makes a leaking air sound when I slowly pump breaks. Pedal is soft due to leaking I think. No...
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    Draining Powermaster..

    How did you repair them? Mine looks dirty and needs fluid changed. It just keeps running. Fluid is black. New unit but car has been stored last 2 years now this is happening.
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    Brake help

    Old owner said they put a rebuilt unit on but who really knows. I cant drive it knowing my family could be in jeapordy if breaks fail.
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    Brake help

    If you see any fluid it was from popping the lid that didnt get whipped off
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    Brake help

    Ok. Read what everone sent me and Im confused. Tag on my radiator cover says buick and appears brake recall was done. Accumulator ball is aftermarket as the name is hydac. switch is grey and motor looks new and shiney. When key is off I go to pump brakes and its as i have no real pedal feeling...
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    Powermaster running all the time.

    Thank you so much.