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    Drain the fuel and fill with ethanol free fuel. There are some interesting videos on you tube where they store parts in regular fuel with ethanol, the same thing with stabil and the same with ethanol free fuel. Ethanol free did the best by far.
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    Valve cover Gasket help

    RC uses different gaskets depending on the valve covers. He had me use rubber ones on mine. We glued the gaskets on the valve cover with black rtv. We put them on a perfectly flat surface and weighted the...
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    Can Anyone HELP!!! Please!!

    Replacing parts multiple times??? Probably not the parts. The connectors are the real problem with these 33 year old cars. The tiniest bit of corrosion that can't be seen or a connection that is loose but appears ok is responsible for almost every single problem I've ever had since I bought...
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    IAC Angle boss install

    20 inch pounds possibly but not 20 ft pounds. I couldn't find it in the manual but carburetor to intake manifold is 15 inch pounds so it should be in that range. I've always just tightened them by feel.
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    Simple Poll on Brakes Unfortunately finding rebuilt units at parts stores has become problamatic. I have 2 units, one of theirs (expensive) and an old parts store booster.
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    AC Doesn't Cool

    The heater water valve is closed when the temp. is selected full cold regardless of what the mode selector valve is set on. You can look at the valve under the hood and see it clearly. MAX is just like RECIRC on newer cars. You keep recurculating cooled air it will get colder...
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    AC Doesn't Cool

    I converted to 134 years ago. Kept everything original except for a new receiver dryer and a different expansion valve. Adjusted the pressures and my AC is way cooler than it ever was with R12.
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    Heater control valve

    There's a heater control valve even on non AC cars. It just opens and closes the heater hose valve.
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    Heater control valve

    What's having AC have to do with the heater control valve?
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    Blower motor seal

    it's almost like putty in tape form. Pliable and sticky all the way through.
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    T Top color

    Semi gloss black. Same color as the trim piece on the back of the hood, wheel well trim and bottom of the trunk.
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    Simple Poll on Brakes

    I've had all 3. Hydroboost all the way.
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    Where can I buy this ?

    Office Max. They come in lots of colors other than pink too.:ROFLMAO:
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    Steering alignment

    I could move mine one spline in either direction.
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    Steering alignment

    I'd get the wheels straight (steering wheel at the 2:00 position) disconnect the steering shaft from the box, turn it until the wheel is straight and reconnect the steering shaft.