Dec 14, 1952 (Age: 68)
Raleigh, NC


Dave Burchfiel
Raleigh,NC. FTG2 USN 1972-1976

87GN T top, original owner, 210k, Daily driver for 25 years,heads never removed until I spun a bearing and rebuilt the engine., 80# injectors, TR6, 2 1/2", Racetronix 450 fuel pump, dual catch cans, hydraboost, NVU group buy instrument panel, EAT Stage ll, Dave Husek LU torque converter, aluminum drive shaft, 180 tstat, Alradico Radiator, dual fans, DSE 1 1/8" rear sway bar HOTCHKIS 1 3/8" front sway bar,18x8 front and 18x9 Gnx style wheels. 2"drop spindles, 2"DS drop rear springs, Billett Aluminum Belt Tensioner, XRay's fender extensions, shaved door handles, bumpers, antenna mount and trunk lock, TA Performance rear end girdle. Jax Leather interior, custom fender vents.

Dyno'd at 659 hp at 22 psi.

Bored .002 over, GN1 stock stroke forged crank, Molnar Rods, Custom Earl Brown pistons giving 9.47:1 compression. 212/212 roller cam spec’d by Bison, Johnston limited travel lifters, 1.55:1 Harland Sharp roller rockers, billet caps, girdled, BHJ Damper, GN1 ported irons, GN1 ported stock intake, ported stock TB, Precision SLIC, 3” external gate DP, TA headers. 8AN Fuel feed, 6AN return. Racetronix hanger and 450LPH Fuel pump. 6262 Turbo with a Garrett .63 exhaust from Bison. FAST Sportsman and EDash. 2 1/2” exhaust with 3 mufflers. Quiet!, Cold air kit.



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