OLD Set up (2000): stock 109 block w/200-200 Lunati flat tappet, Champion Iron's with wire lock, Champion upper & lower intake, TA64, 12"-2800 stall GSCA Orange stripe converter, Red's tuned 40 1/2lbs injectors & chip, Red's intank single pump, Red's volt booster, BGC 65mm TB, BGC 3" DP, BGC SL Intercooler. On race gas and G60 M&H DOT tires: 11.20's@122MPH running out of fuel... 3800 lbs.

Upgraded too (2010); TA66, PTC 9.5 3200, Red's 60lbs Motron inj. & chip, Red's intank double pumper. Resolved the fuel problem but never got back to the track :-(..
Every day driver. "Gooing fast with class"




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