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    Ray....every night, since you first posted quite a while ago, that you have heart failure, sold your GN, etc. I've been saying a prayer for you to the Lord....every night, and I've not forgotten one, with this all important heart transplant coming to you, I will REALLY talk to, and...
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    Need help reassembling steering column after repair of lose bolts

    It's four little bolts that are loose...You'll need a special tool also to remove that shaft assembly as whole.....the bolts are star shaped....take them out, put some red locktite on them, reinstall...though it "looks" complicated, if a dork like me can do it four times then you can do it...
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    TurboDave has Passed Away

    Still sad he's gone....hell of a nice guy......we're all getting older to fast. Bruce '87 Grand National
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    question on who made these

    Remember what?:oops: Bruce '87 Grand National
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    I would think you could get one of those keyboard spray cans that blows very cold compressed air. Use the little red tube and spray around the socket to SHRINK the socket from around the hole....just a thought. Bruce '87 Grand National
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    Ta performance kenne bell air dam

    This is what I did with my Kenne Bell air dam....I put a piece of wood behind the air scoop, then traced an outline with a pencil...then went to the band saw, cut out the outline 3/16 inch smaller all around, then used a Home Depot gutter guard screen, wrapped it around the piece of cut out...
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    RockAuto 9 Piece Trunk Kit

    It's...uh....3:06 AM here at the moment.:coffee: Hope this helps.:giggle: Bruce '87 Grand National
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    Awesome! Bruce '87 Grand National
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    It’s time to say goodbye

    I've been saying a prayer for Ray every night before I go to sleep....asking the Lord to please help him, help him feel better, and even fixing his heart problem.....every night, a strong prayer for him sent to I've always believed that miracles do happen....and it could happen to Ray...
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    Spool Fool Bumper Fillers

    Yeah, he makes the best bumper fillers ever. ....But he refused my offer of a free "Parachute for Dummies" : Opens the moment of impact. Sheesh! But one hell of a good guy. A very smart innovator, designer with great ideas. Bruce '87 Grand National
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    Earl WHO? :confused: Seriously, he's the one that got me on this site years ago....I even bought a new starter for my GN on eBay from the starter so fast my head swam......lots of real great advice and one hell of a nice guy. So much useful information from one who knows first hand by...
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    inspection sticker

    Buy a YUGO. Your problems will go away. Bruce '87 Grand National
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    What do you do for a living?

    I'm a professional proctologist for women. 10 years ago, I was a hit man in Virginia for Tony Suprano. Bruce '87 Grand National
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    It’s time to say goodbye

    Not only diet is so important in this case, but LOTS OF SEX! ALL DAY, EVERYDAY! GIDDY-UP NOW!!! Get busy, Ray, but please, no videos! Bruce '87 Grand National
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    It’s time to say goodbye

    ABSOLUTELY!!!!! Bruce '87 Grand National