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    Scanmaster 2.0 Readings, Need Help with Knock

    How much boost are you seeing at WOT when this happens? Probably need to turn the boost down or the octane up. Scanmaster #s look good.
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    GN Surgery Commences

    I know that driveway and wooden fence well. You are in good hands! Looking forward to seeing it at a MAGNA meet.
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    Hypertech 41372

    TT chip or equivalent ASAP. Then you can begin a proper diagnosis of your idling issue which may or may not be associated (I'm leaning towards not) to the hypertech chip. Do you also have at least a scanmaster? If not it's a must
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    Book time

    Hope you took notice of your odometer before you dropped it off. Good luck
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    need help This can help a ton with what you're seeing on your scanmaster.
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    Lurker to Owner!

    Until you really learn the car and the tuning aspects of it I would advise you to assume any knock you see is real knock and not to ignore it. So whatever it is you're doing when there's knock, stop doing that. In the meantime go about your upgrades starting with the fuel system and chip. Just...
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    Lurker to Owner!

    Congrats! Enjoy it!
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    Tuning advice/questions

    Probably wheel spin. Thus the spike in rpms.
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    the truth!

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    Was the EGR gasket your ticking noise? Or does the search continue?
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    Exhaust cutout setup recommendations - please share yours!

    I just replaced mine. I searched hi and lo for a replacement. My original was even sold by a vendor here on the board a long time ago. I can't remember the name off the top of my head. Good quality piece. Couldn't find them ANYWHERE! So I went with QTP (quick time performance) begrudgingly. So...
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    Stock engine more power

    They're all right. Make what you have perfect 1st if it isnt already. What exactly are you starting with? Is it completely stock? How many miles? Ever rebuilt? How old are your vacuum hoses? Ever done a leakdown test? Has the fuel filter ever been changed? I could go on and on. As your level of...
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    659 HP @ 21.5 lbs

    Yikes! That's one mean buzzin half dozen!
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    Stock front swaybar mounting

    Did you get this resolved? If not I can take some pics tonight or tomorrow
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    chrome plating removal

    Thanx for the replys