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    Reverse Lights Come On In Neutral

    Ok, I noticed that about 50% of the time, when I shift the car into neutral, the reverse lights would randomly come on (and then when I shift it back into Park and re-shift back to neutral, the reverse lights don't come on again. Also, on rare occasions, the reverse lights don't come on when I...
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    Copper-Nickel Brake Line for Fuel Line Replacement

    I'm replacing some rusted sections of fuel lines underneath my daily driver, and was wondering if anyone has experience using the copper-nickel brake line (instead of using replacement steel or nylon piping) to use as fuel line replacement? Any downsides? Thanks...
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    Securement Clips for Transmission Lines

    I was wondering if anyone has the two metal clips that secure the transmission coolant lines under the car? The one clip attaches to a stud that screws into the front right corner of the oil pan that secures the trans lines. The other clip is in the shape of a long "L" that attaches to the...
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    0.001 main bearings

    So any (genuine) used Precision front mounts are all Garret cores? I’m assuming then it should be 13 rows and 4 1/2 inches thick like Anthony P described?
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    0.001 main bearings

    I was planning on buying a used Precision front mount intercooler, but I understand that the older ones used the better Spearco cores which are thicker/better quality than the more recent ones manufactured? Can anyone teach me how to determine the differences on these precision front mounts...
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    Radiator Wind Deflector Installation

    Ok, I was wondering how the center section flexible wind deflector attaches to the ledge of the grill. I know the bottom section attaches to the bottom of the rad support, but does the top section attach above or below the ledge of the grill? I have the other two smaller side sections properly...
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    EGR Cooler

    Has anybody ever thought about this EGR cooler idea that Mazda came up with in their turbo cars nowadays? This seems like an awesome idea.
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    best engine oil and posi oil

    10w30 Conventional Valvoline VR1 (for street use) oil with a 1/2 bottle of ZDDP
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    MAF Translator & MAF Options

    Thanks. I'll probably just stick with the 3" LT-1 MAF. I'm assuming that all the typical vendors that sell them are rebuilt units? Do any of the vendors sell original units? It also looks like most available are GM replacement (Delphi) units?
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    MAF Translator & MAF Options

    Ok, my original stock MAF sensor is finally crapping out on me (car is getting the MAF engine code on the Scanmaster, Check Engine Light is on, idles horribly, and the car dies as soon as I put it in Drive). I want to upgrade to the MAF translator and new MAF. The car has stock throttle...
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    I've had the same accufab unit for the past 15 years with no problems...
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    Code-34 MAF Diagnosis

    Ok, today I started the car and got a Code 34 (check engine light on along with checking Scanmaster). The idle quality is a little crappy (idling high), and when I put the car in Drive, the engine bucks & stalls badly. I disconnected the MAF, restarted the car, and it seems to make no...
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    Kirban's Open House 2018 VIDEO

    It was a pretty good turnout. Awesome video.
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    Bumper Fillers?

    I recently installed Goodmark front fillers and the fitment was perfect. Now my rear fillers are crumbling and I'll be replacing them with Goodmarks.
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    Repairing Pinhole Leak on (Stock) Crossover Pipe

    Ok, I have a pinhole leak on the bottom of my stock crossover pipe. Before I have a chance to get it weld repaired, would JB Weld hold up? I don't believe the crossover pipe gets as hot as the headers, so maybe this would work?...