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    BIG GIVE AWAY!!! Nov. Contest!

    Enter 4 giveaway. I'm in, TY.
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    85 T-Type

    Nice Site TType84, Very Cool site & a beautiful car you have. I was thinking of maybe going alcohol injection from smc for my 87. I will have to check out the pro's & con's of both & also I noticed that you have an electric fan on your ride, how difficult was that? My 85 is a whole...
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    85 T-Type

    TY Hey Cool 84, Thanks for the informative feedback. Thanks Again, Sean.
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    85 T-Type

    Hi Everyone, I just picked up a completely totally loaded 85 white T-Type with 60,000 original miles, astro roof, touch climate control, twilight sentinel, power everything including trunk with complete factory carpeting, posi, etc. My question is: I have a complete Kenne-Bell Big Boy front...
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    Dual fan setup?

    Just ordered the Ramcharger's dual fan setup & switch, anything I need to no special to tackle this job? Thanks, Sean.