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    Transmission mounting on cross member?

    Should be bolt on mount through mounting hole, nut on mount bolt, & then the two bolts through the mount into the trans. Been a while but that feels right 😂.
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    Fuel filter question

    WIX. That’s what I use. Always been a quality filter brand.
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    Sound deadener

    Hey guys, replacing the headliner & upper door panels soon & I want to remove the old tar deadener with newer stuff. How many sq. ft(roughly) would be needed to do the roof, doors(inner & outer), & floors? Won't be going crazy. Not doing trunk quarters etc. Thanks!
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    If your talking about the pressure switch on the drier don't be. There's a Schrader valve so when you take off the switch you'll hear a little hiss & that's it. Then just screw the new one on. 134a ain't gonna hut ya none.
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    Rear end upgrades

    If I were you & don't want to go Ford 9", the biggest you can go in the stock set-up is 30 spline. You'll need a new carrier but you can eliminate the "C"-clips, get a your choice of gears(if wanted), choice of locking(Tru-trac, Eaton etc), your choice of axle manufacturer, etc. Of course we...
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    Cooling fan upgrade

    Not sure about one that mounts like stock unless you fab one up. Gave you options for the wiring. Not really sure what you're issue is. People using the Champion don't seem to have issues. Why do you need more airflow? High coolant temp? What thermostat do you have installed? You post like...
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    Ok then HAHA. Richard Clark is in Burlington NC
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    Cooling fan upgrade

    The ‘98-‘04 Dodge Intrepid dual fan set-up. Fairly cheap will work with a stock or F-Body radiator. Caspers sells a plug & play harness for it as well. Just have to trim the 4 tabs of & it’s a good tight fit.
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    You? They’re not hard to work on. They can be ornery for sure though. Most of the things by now have happened & have been fixed. There are good sources here, vortexbuicks, & to name a few.
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    Correct. You can look online to see R12-134a conversion amounts. Myself I do some cyphering to get the amount & then use the gauges to get the filling where I like it. Having the correct amount of oil in the system is also important. I believe Highway Stars told me it was 90%.
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    On top of that I’d find another mechanic yesterday if he can’t repair/flush/charge an A/C system. YIKES!!! My 124a A/C is 30’s to low 40’s on a 90+degree day.
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    Air conditioning 86/87 R134A Condenser

    Spectra 7-4013. Little number mix-up. Try giving your local parts stores that number. You may luck out. Fits decently. Chincy feet but they fit into the existing pads. Small minor inlet/outlet tweaking but nothing major.
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    Air conditioning 86/87 R134A Condenser

    I just did mine to 134a as well this year. Had a local place re-do my hoses to re-crimp & replace the rubber. I’m using the Spectra 7403 & so far, so good.
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    AC Not Working

    I got my compressor, switches, drier, oil, seals, & accumulator from Highway Stars. Got a Spectra 7403 multi pass condenser online. Had my evaporator tested locally by my radiator guy. Had my hoses re-done locally for 134a if you’re going that way. I’d say Chuck is pretty close price wise...
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    Steering Wheel

    As far as I know Sue is still doing them. just had mine done around the beginning of the year & they just re-did their shop.