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    Hood shock bolt

    Found the correct bolts....
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    Hood Shock bolts

    Thanks guys, I've found some yesterday.
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    Hood Shock bolts

    I need the hood shock bolts for an 87 GN. Lmk... James
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    Hood shock bolt

    Anyone have an extra hood shock bolt they can sell in the Houston area? Lmk... thanks James
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    Houston Area Help

    Brian is a great mechanic, very knowledgeable on turbo Buicks. And he's affordable.
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    OE parts for sale( a couple new and rest used)

    Got the GNX cover today, fast shipping, thanks
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    OE parts for sale! (A couple and rest used)

    I'll give you $25 for the GNX fender cover
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    Anti theft module

    I just disconnected the theft module, now need to buy aftermarket alarm.
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    Rear view mirror

    Found one local...
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    Power window switch

    Ok, took off the top panel and replaced the switch, thanks for your help.
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    Power window switch

    I can't replace the switch without removing the panel? Can I pry the switch out from the front?
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    Power window switch

    Do you have to remove the whole door panel to replace the driver side power window switch on 87 GN?
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    Rear view mirror

    Need rear view mirror for 87 GN, must be in excellent condition.
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    Wtb scanmaster 2.1 chip only

    Check with Bob Bailey, he should have some for sale.