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    109 Motor RaceTech Billet roller cam BHJ balancer

    Chris, It looks like the pistons take a BBC pin correct? Neal
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    Another passing

    Another good guy gone too soon. God Speed Claude! Neal
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    Intercooler Recore

    It looks to be in good condition, I'd just clean it out with some solvent (AKA: gasoline) and use it as is. Neal
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    aluminum cylinder heads

    My current car has Champion heads, they were on the car when I purchased it. If buying new heads I would buy TA heads. Neal
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    85 Rear Main Seal Replacement Question

    In the past I've had luck using a drywall screw threaded into the rope seal to give you something to pull on. Neal
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    Stage 2 block, 197????

    Thanks Mike, That was the info I was looking for. :cool: Neal
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    Stage 2 block, 197????

    Mike, Can you post a link to the thread with the info about the Uni Bore stamp #'s? I still cant find it. Thanks Neal
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    Stage 2 block, 197????

    Here's my speculation in regard to the block which has 0198U1283 written on it in paint pen. It most likely is the first 197 cast block. The 0198 is January of 1998 and the digits following the "U" are a sequential number from Uni Boring who did the machine work on these blocks for GM. They...
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    Stage 2 block, 197????

    Which of the blocks is the one that has 0198U1283 on the front the one with the cast in 25500197 or the stamped one? Neal
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    Stage 2 block, 197????

    So you have at least 2 blocks with the 197 casting # on them correct? Did you buy all the blocks pictured from the same place? Neal
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    Stage 2 block, 197????

    I'm not sure I have any more ideas on Bill's specific block other than it would have to be one of the last On Center blocks cast as the casting # is numerically higher than the 153 block. I do remember having a discussion with Kenny D back in the day circa 1995 about Stage 2 blocks and their...
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    Driving your 5 second car to lunch

    For your enjoyment, Tom Bailey and Steve Morris driving Tom's 5 second pro mod Camaro to Chick-fil-A for lunch. Neal
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    Stage 2 block, 197????

    The 4X designation was used for pre-production castings. I have seen a few different versions. I had a block that had the same 4X casting # as the one you posted. The modifications to the bell housing area and starter pad removal were done after the fact for chassis clearance from what I...
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    Stage 2 block, 197????

    It's a bit of a head scratcher. It appears to have all the same traits of the 153 blocks. It seems to me there were some On Center blocks made that had a raised cam tunnel. I have never seen one personally, I believe Prasad had one at some point. Can you take a rough measurement between the...
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    Stage 2 block, 197????

    They ran a few different lifter configurations on the Indy engines. There was one version with siamese lifter bores where the lifters were keyed as an anti rotation feature. This is like the first pic Rollie posted. There is a 2nd version that ran siamese lifter bores with a link bar set up...