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    What are good base line parameters for SD2 on E85?

    Any recommendations with regards to the SD2 chip offsets used from the flex fuel sensor? I just got my car running, 6266 with 160s and an SD2 with flexfuel sensor. I'm working on the tune on E85, but want to ensure I'm in the ballpark on the offsets from alcohol content so that hopefully I...
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    TTA with no start issue

    Wanted to say thanks to everyone again in this thread for helping me troubleshoot the issue. After getting it running I had to do some cleanup on wiring and plumbing to get it where I wanted to really drive it. Then I ran into an issue with the alternator not charging. Ultimately it ended up...
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    TTA with no start issue

    Got it running, thanks to everyone on here for suggestions and ideas. Made me rethink a couple of things and address them this afternoon. Recalibrated the cam sensor - it was about 5 degrees off Cranked the fuel pressure regulator down - it was reading ~60 psi while cranking and I was...
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    TTA with no start issue

    Yes Have 93 in the tank right now to get it started and running, but plan to run E85. So when turning in the direction of the engine cranking (CW if looking at the front of the motor), the Caspers light comes on here and off here (25ATDC) Here's a video of attempting to crank, it has...
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    TTA with no start issue

    I'll go out and double check this in a little bit, but yes it was oriented with the housing dot towards passenger fender and window towards drivers fender and I had used the little sticker that comes with the Caspers light to set the timing mark to 25 ATDC. Yes, I even have the little cheater...
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    TTA with no start issue

    I did the cam sensor install using the caspers light while it was still on the engine stand. Yesterday, I verified the setting by determining the #1 compression stroke by removing the spark plug, holding my finger on the hole and feeling for when it generated pressure through the stroke, then...
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    TTA with no start issue

    So I just finished doing a full rebuild on my TTA, but now I'm having issues getting it to start. I have both fuel an spark, but it tends to "chug" while attempting to start. The car has a new short block just built by Cruz Performance running the stock ECM with an SD2 chip, Powerlogger, and...
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    Tiger 1/64 collection and 1/18 tweak car

    How much for the TTA? Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    TR6 ignition impressions?

    How much did the stacked coil setup run? Really like how it's laid out and using OE LS coils is a plus. Did you get new wires with it?
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    Added it to my calendar, highly doubt my TTA will be back together and running but I'll plan to come out with my 72 C10 at least.
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    Powerlogger, SD2 chip, TTA fuel pump hotwire, TTA intake

    MAF pipe and power logger are sold. Only the SD2 chip is left. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    Powerlogger, SD2 chip, TTA fuel pump hotwire, TTA intake

    Racetronix TTA Hotwire Harness - $50 Intake pipe - $50 Turbo Tweak Powerlogger - $200 Turbo Tweak SD2 chip - $250 All parts are new never used and prices include ground shipping.
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    Epsilon GNX look alike rims!

    I also have a set of Epsilon wheels if anyone is interested in them. They need to be refurbished but they look to be in great shape.
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    2009 Power Tour

    Here are some directions, it's fairly simple from: 5117 S Ironwood Rd, South Bend, IN 46614 (St Joseph County 4-H Fair Inc) to: 240 US 20, Middlebury, IN - Google Maps I'll PM you my cell # also so if you guys would like to meet up and get a couple turbo 6s together and cruise out there we can.