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    BG roll call

    Wed as well...
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    Transmission dust cover

    $55 shipped, let me know if you are interested.
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    Rule changes vote

    1. Yes 2. Yes 3. No 4. Yes
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    Rule changes

    Billy, I see where you are coming from but in the short amount of time I have been coming to the GS National I see the car count and amount of people attending fading year by year. I believe some classes will have to "change" just to keep a car count up. TSA (TTS) seems to be running THS due to...
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    Backfire thru intake effects

    Does the turbo work? I destroyed a new TE44 by a backfire, but didn't hurt anything else.
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    EZ LS to XFI harness

    Nick, yes it is for the LS coil on plug with an XFI.
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    EZ LS to XFI harness

    Anyone know of a harness (other than Hartline) that is out there? Holly said they only sell them as a complete kit and they are on indefinite back order due to manufacturers being out of parts. I can get my hands on everything expect the harness so I don't need the complete kit Hartline sells.
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    Tsm BG for Thursday

    I'm needing to get with you tomorrow for a quick tech. Got my white car down here for TSM.
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    TTS vote on rule changes

    Yes on both...
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    Anyone have a Doberman Pincher?

    For those that find it a pain to get to the vet for a retape or want to do it yourself. My breeder has developed a system called "Quick Brace". A wire frame with surgical cloth attached to it, and a adhesive that goes on the dogs ear and cloth. Pull the ear up, glue them to each other, use some...
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    Anyone have a Doberman Pincher?

    A few weeks ago at Home Depot. I will PM you in a few.
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    Anyone have a Doberman Pincher?

    I'm out right now but will post the pros and cons I be had later. What area are u from? Will help u find a breeder.
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    Anyone have a Doberman Pincher?

    On my 2nd, 1st was a female, pre-kid and was INCREDIBLY gentle once we had little ones. Great protector, gave us 13 great years before we had to put her down. Now we have a male, 6 months old and learning. Did all training myself but it takes ALOT of time. A friend that got me into the breed...
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    1/8 mile format

    TSM is 1/4 mile...TSO, don't blame them for running 1/8 mile, they are MOVING!!! Guess I didn't realize THS cars were running "faster" than TSM cars and needed more shut down room or pushing their cars harder, very interesting.
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    2018 rules discussion

    To open up the rules a bit and get some others into this class I propose bumping up to a 66mm turbo and allowing relocation devices/brackets like the southside or baseline style to be used. I feel and saw quite a few cars this year that could have easily been able to race this class with these 2...