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    2013 Hot Rod Power Tour is set......plan accordingly.....

    Venues and routes will be announced later, but you can start planning your wardrobe now: Saturday June 1: Arlington, TX (but you knew that already, right?) Sunday June 2: Texarkana, AR (Texarkana is a city in two states, half Texas, half Arkansas.) Monday June 3: Little Rock, AR (Ever...
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    My 86 regal

    Yeah keep up the good work Jaywill.....mine is still a work in progress but not a clone...just some various Regal parts.....
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    15x8 Weld Rt-s Pics w/ Hoosier 275/60/15s

    I love your color really works well and you are also right about the rear disc brakes.....overall very nicely done......
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    IT HAS ARRIVED!!!! Venues for 2012 Hot Rod Power Tour!!!

    They are having a breakfast meet at Clantons Cafe(of Diners,Drive-ins, & Dives fame) just outside Miami OK in Vinita OK the morning of the drive to Stillwater OK........order off menu and any and everyone is invited to enjoy some Power Tour fellowship.......
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    power antenna interrupt harness ??

    Here is a thread on making a interupt switch on a GM vehicle from the LS1 site............the harness would be similar tot the 12 to 21......... How-To: 93-02 Power Antenna Override (PICS) - LS1TECH
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    check out me new system

    The mid size speaker is it going in the kick panel or door or the rear side? I wish I could kick out more cash for a stereo upgrade.......oh yeah start the helpers out real
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    12 pin to 21 pin radio - HELP!!

    I scored a 2002 Delco Monsoon w/built in amp from a Camaro for $40......and I bought the adapter Aminga told me to get and it was plug and play after trimming the brackets some.....added MB quartz 3 way 6 x 9 and Infinity 2 way 3.5 in the dash topped it off with Sirius reciever on the...
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    How about a section for interior?

    How about a section for interior? I come for interior question/solutons a few times but I ususally have to search the whole sight to see what i can find.......or is this the section for interior? :confused:
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    LED tail light kit and more!!

    I will take them if BobbyBuick passes.........
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    Clear Signal Bumper lenses?

    Where can you get clear lenses to replace the amber ones in the bumper of an 86-87 Regal? Thanks for the help..........
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    2011 HOT ROD Power Tour, FL to Detroit

    Funny thing Craig I thought it was over for me too but the wife kicked me out of the house to get me to the finish......but I did find out what was wrong with my Regal....the idle was crazy and it started shutting off at the traffic it home and parked it went to crank it up later...
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    2011 HOT ROD Power Tour, FL to Detroit

    Heres more of the Aaron/Craig was nice seeing you guys again knowing that all is well with you..............
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    Retaining clips for dash trim.......

    Does anyone know where I can get those retaining clips that go on the dash/radio car didnt come with any trim(lol) and I had to order the dash/radio surround and they didnt come with any on them.......thanks in advance...........:biggrin:
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    Need a reference photo......

    Just beginning to finished up the interior on Regal......but when I bought is was gutted roller so where the audio and climate controls was missing the trim there anyone that post some pics of what is supposed to look like behind the radio faceplate and show me how the components...
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    favorite car battery brands?

    Optima yellow top that I got for $75 from Advance auto on there discount table 3 years ago.....even though it sat for a year before I used fires all and every time after 5 months of sitting this past year it still fired up my car.........