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    Ok, thanks
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    want to sell the dash??
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    Parting this pimp ass wh1 what do you need!!!

    Whats your location??
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    87 - GN Dash Harness

    You going to be selling the dash itself??
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    BUNCH of PARTS !!

    I'll take the grey plastic "Y" that gets plumbed to the factory turbo actuator and also the oval black plastic wire loom holder. Pm me and let me know what you want for them
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    Chrome Grill

    Ya know that's a good question!! To my knowledge this Chrome grill would have been on an 87 only, but I could be wrong
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    Chrome Grill

    TTT 180 plus shipping
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    A Few Parts For Sale

    Cold air sold!!
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    A Few Parts For Sale

    American Auto Anti theft steering column lock with Key = 75 shipped Tin Man Cold Air Kit = 60 Shipped
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    Chrome Grill

    Hi, to all Up for sale is a chrome grill...This is not a grill for a show car but very nice and damage free no cracks...One of the pictures appear to show something going on with the lower center fin, but it just a reflection of some sort.. 200 plus shipping
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    Sportsman xfi

    This is a good deal especially with getting the E-Dash
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    BstC boost controller, boost solenoid, misc parts

    I'll take this: Fast XFI wire harness ( basically brand new) I ordered an extension harness when i bought my fast, don't think i used this at all--$25
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    More Parts I Want Gone !!

    I'll take #6 and #14 if available
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    160 lb injectors ??

    When you say the Bosch 125's are much better than others offered, in what way?? What noticeable advantages will they have that would make one justify the extra expense??