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    Shorai Battery Install

    Lithium batteries have made some great improvements in the last couple years, both lithium ion and lithium iron phosphate. The top tiers most have a built-in battery management system (BMS) that gives protection from over charge, over heat, under charge, etc. I like the "jump start" feature...
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    Shorai Battery Install

    I will repost the pics. Also to note on the fire safety. These are NOT lithium ion. They re Lithium Iron Phosphate. That's the newer technology that is much safer from overheat and fire. I run a 160 ah, 51v LiFePo4 battery on my golf cart and it is awesome.
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    Scored Plastic Headlights!

    I'm looking for the plastic HP4656 headlamps. Anyone know of a source?
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    weight - plastic headlights vs stock?

    Don't know that they are any cheaper (well maybe a little) but it's more for weight reduction. 2.8 lbs is not a lot but it is forward of the front axle so it does help weight transfer for traction a little and every little bit adds up.
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    weight - plastic headlights vs stock?

    Has anyone weighed and verified the weight difference between a set of 4 stock head lights compared to the plastic ones?
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    Run to the Sun car show

    Sun to the Sun car show in Myrtle Beach, SC March 2021
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    New Automatic Security System Installed

    I installed a new security system imported from Turkey.
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    vacuum evacuation tubes
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    vacuum evacuation tubes

    Anyone using the vacuum evac tubes that go in the exhaust and connect to the valve covers to pull more vacuum for crank case evacuation? I currently just have the K&N style breathers on the valve covers.
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    Installing Wilwood 140-12297 front disc questions

    On second thought, I will remove it while I'm at it. The wiring has already been cut anyway.
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    Installing Wilwood 140-12297 front disc questions

    I guess it doesn't hurt to leave it connected in the brake line? I'll have to see where that wire goes.
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    Installing Wilwood 140-12297 front disc questions

    Thanks for the great troubleshooting tips everyone. I removed the old disabled line lock solenoid valve and the bypass around the proportioning valve, installed the 10 psi residual pressure valve for the rear brakes and bled them. Now I have awesome brakes!!!! Really pleased with them. But...
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    Scary Picture - Warning

    Yea, Spring Perch, that's what I meant. Thanks,. I'm guessing this in not the first time this has happened.