mech engineer, 5th degree black belt in Isshinryu Karate,

motorcycles, turbo powered personal watercraft
My car(s)
1992 GMC Typhoon - Bowtie stroker
2008 GMC Sierra Denali
2002 Vette
2008 Cadilac CTS
2004 Honda CBR-1000RR Nicky Hayden custom
1985 Yamaha RZ-350 KR replica
2008 Honda F-15X turbo watercraft
Engineer/small business owner/ karate instructor


In loving memory of my little brother, Kenny. He loved cars and this was his last show car.
Garrett 63mm Turbo, ATR Ported & polished Heads, Harland Sharp 1.65 Roller Rockers, Comp Cam 208/201, Adjustable Wastegate
3 inch Stainless Downpipe & Exhaust, Adjustable Fuel Regulator, Cold Air Intake, High Rise Valve Covers, 60lb Injectors, RJC front mount IC,
RJC A.D. power plate, 60mm ported throttle body, Turbo Tweak Chip 19b's Boost, TurboBuickPerformance 3000 stall converter, 340 Walbro Fuel Pump, Art Carr Shift Kit, TA stainless headers, GNX Wheels.

Jim Longwith


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