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    WTB: OEM Stock Bore Piston

    Steve, sent you a message.
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    WTB: OEM Stock Bore Piston

    One of my pistons is damaged on my low-mile original GN. Looking to buy one OEM piston, STD bore. NOS or lightly used. Can anyone help? Thank you!
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    Stock Headers UMI Lower Control Arms Headlight Bezels Misc. Parts Lots

    Hello, Stock jack still availabe? Do you have the lug nut wrench? Thanks.
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    Many Parts, Some NOS

    PM for radio.
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    Wanted: Billet Thermostat Housing

    Wanted: Good used billet thermostat housing, with or without O-ring. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
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    New Camsensors

    $110 shipped :eek:
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    Trunk Lip Molding and Trunk Lock Cylinder Removal

    David, Thanks for the tips about the lock cylinder removal. I'll try those ideas pretty soon. Does anyone have ideas on removing the trunk lip molding? TIA
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    Trunk Lip Molding and Trunk Lock Cylinder Removal

    I'm having some paint work done on my 87 GN trunk lid, and I'd like to remove as many things as I can so the body shop doesn't "misplace" them. The emblems and spoiler are easy. How do you remove the trunk lip molding without damaging it? I tried by removing the three screws then prying...
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    WTB: Stock Fan Shroud

    Wanted: Stock fan shroud, preferably without fan, but will consider one with fan, working or not. Thanks.
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    Wire harness in front of dipstick

    Has your transmission been replaced? Sometimes when reinstalling the trans, the dipstick tube can slip behind the wiring harness instead of in front of it. This happened to me twice. The trans work was performed by a builder on this board. :eek: I removed the bolt on top holding the...
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    Wanted: Up Pipe and Lug Nuts

    I'm looking for an up pipe from the turbo to the throttle body for an alcohol injection project. Stock preferred, but will consider chrome, black, polished aluminum, etc. Pipe with exsisting nozzle hole ok too. I'm also looking for a few original lug nuts for the stock steel rims. Can...
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    Vac way to test?

    Vacuum Leak Savage6, Here are a few tips from the archives. Credit goes to other members, not me. Read the following, search the archives some more (for "High BLM" as well as "vacuum leak.") Most of all, be patient. You'll find your leaks. HTH Peter 87GN...
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    how hard is it to remove the passenger side header

    Just a Suggestion.... Re-install (finger tight) the five bolts you already took off. Take the sixth bolt (the one you're having trouble with) out first, then take off the other five. Otherwise, you may find that sixth bolt will be tough to take out right down to the last thread! HTH Peter
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    Question about installing heads with ARP bolts

    Which ARP Bolt Goes Where? I just went through this drill... The shortest bolts go at the bottom portion of the head near the exhaust ports (4 per side.) The medium length bolts go in the rocker arm area, 2 per side. Put them in the front and the rear holes. The longest bolts go in...
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    Brake Light Switch Part Number

    Part Number Brake Switch Part Number - 25523463. HTH Peter 87 GN