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  1. RuffGN
    RuffGN TurboWh1
    Are you negotiable on your center caps?
  2. Rick the pool guy
    Rick the pool guy
    dual fan kit kirban performance I went from 198 degrees on a 85 degree day then I put the kit in my temp drop to 168-175 (stock radiator)
  3. Rick the pool guy
    Rick the pool guy
    Kirban performance dual fans wise investment for a cooler running car posted vid on YouTube
  4. Spot84
    Spot84 SPOOLFOOL2
    Rumor has it that you might be in the "works" of reproducing a header panel? Is this true?
      Accusations are true. I don't like telling people what I'm doing before it's done. But, yea. I've been working on it for a while. Still have a ways to go.
      Sep 17, 2017 at 9:14 PM
    2. Spot84
      Great! Well I will be looking forward to the finished product. I need a panel. I totally understand not telling people about what ya got going. I'm sure you would be answering a lot of questions. Thank you for responding. I really appreciate it
      Sep 17, 2017 at 11:40 PM
  5. Nutsnbolts
    Nutsnbolts Coach
    Hi Coach, I have a '78 Lesabre with the Turbo 3.8 Litre fender badges that have script toward the forward end of the car, then a false vent toward the rear. If I sent you the two fender badges, would you be willing to duplicate them? Maybe in stainless? They seem to be unavailable anywhere. I would even market them for you if you wanted to make several pair...
    Thanks for your time and your contributions,
  6. captndave737
  7. Samuel
  8. Samuel
  9. Jerryl
    Let the crippled lead the blind.
  10. seeya v6
  11. Michael Cruz
    Michael Cruz
    looking for a power steering fluid reservoir for 1987 buick grand national
  12. Chuck Leeper
    Chuck Leeper SGRIM
  13. Spot84
    Spot84 RobsIron
    I'm sure you get this asked alot but here it goes....The stance you your rig is great! How far did you lower front and rear? Also, what wheel size/backspace and tire width were you running with the black wheels? Last, did you have to do a frame notch with those black wheels? Thanks!
  14. Buick Muscle
    Buick Muscle
    I'm looking for an All Original, Low mileage , Clean California Title, No Rust, 87 Buick Grand National I have cash in hand thanks
  15. stucat
    purchased a 87GN, Parts needed hood insulation pad 9 hole antenna. in the car is harada mx-2 original? and doesn't work. a good repop?
  16. dank GN
    dank GN
    Precision measurements are the key to success
  17. Jaycat
    Jaycat chris romani
    Hi Chris. I'm very interested in the polished stock turbo for sale. Although a member for a long time, I haven't been active in quite a while. How do I go about buying the turbo from you? Payment wise I mean? Are you charging exact shipping?
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  18. turboG
    turboG Greg Wentz
    Hey old friend. How's things in your world? Haven't talked to you in forever. Ran across an old post and thought I'd see how things are.
  19. Hotfoot
    Hotfoot stvregal
    What's the block number,still have stock crank in it, not turned 10 10 or anything? Mike
    1. stvregal
      I can check the block number when I get home from work. Should still have the stock crank but not 100% sure. When I got it rebuilt it only hade around 75k original miles.
      Aug 30, 2017
  20. sparko112
    sparko112 earlbrown
    I'm interested in the 3.5" MAF kit(in Black hoses)if it clears the alternator bolt. If u can ship it to me USPS (standard shipping). That would be great. Even if takes a couple of weeks is fine. Also I wouldn't need the SS/T-bolt clamps because I already have them. You can send the invoice to can check out with paypal. I'm using the LS1 Maf sensor & Translator, Stock IC and up pipe