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Discussion in 'Member Introduction's!' started by wralford, Dec 24, 2008.

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    Dec 23, 2008
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    I found this forum looking for options to increase the performance of my '96 Estate Wagon. I am not interested in cosmetics, although the Suncoast Ram Air hood and Interface Box kit might be permissible because it would actually help with performance.

    But am very interested in finding parts for intake, exhaust, cams, heads, computer chips, etc. Suspension is of secondary interest. I occasionally use the car to tow a one-ton trailer, so it has a Class-3 hitch and harness.

    The current engine is well-known to you all here, I'm sure; the 260hp/330lbs 5.7 liter LT-1.

    The engine is all original and has a lot of miles (175K) on it, but still runs great, delivering good power and 22mpg on the highway -- not bad for a 2+ ton Roadmonster!

    So when the engine blows up, I am going to get a new long-block and build it up with the mods. In the meantime, I intend to collect parts so when that fateful day comes, the economic shock -- and the time spent gathering parts -- will not come all at once.

    Any suggestions as to the sequence of part acquisition and where to get them would be welcome.
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    Welcome to the forum. If you're looking for lots of discussion around the wagons and LT1 performance you'd do good to join the Impala SS forum.

    You'll find some wagon fans here (me included) and folks knowledgeable on the LT1 but, as the title suggests, the main focus here is the turbo Buick V6.
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    There's a member on here that has a turbo 6 in his wagon and it's pretty impressive. There's always that option!:smile:
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    I say slap a turbo on the beast and see how long she lasts!!!!! Thats what I'm doing with my LT1!!!!!:biggrin:

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