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  1. turbo chris1970
    turbo chris1970 Boostdeznuts
    Yo Lenny it's chris from philly I need some parts so here's what I need 2 front fenders
    Passenger side complete head lamp assembly. I may need some odds and ends
    So let me know if you can swing that
  2. thomas cory
    thomas cory
    Looking for a bit of help, forth speed on my AC / Heat system is not working........ help ? Relays ?
  4. King MoneyBanks
    King MoneyBanks StageIIGN's
    Give me a call 3132155774
  5. Retsam ydob-g
    Retsam ydob-g Boost231
    Doooood just got a pristine 85 two tone t-type. Moved into an apt. and desperately need to find a kind soul w a garage to wrench on it for a weekend. I live in the bay area. Like to do an 86-87 swap eventually. Know anyone out this way? Or a speed shop if I absolutely have to :(?
  6. Retsam ydob-g
    Retsam ydob-g
    Need a friendly fellow g-body enthusiast w a garage to help work on my prestine hot air two tone 85 t-type. Will pay for time and space!
  7. Retsam ydob-g
    Retsam ydob-g
    Need a friendly fellow g-body enthusiast w a garage to help work on my prestige hot air two tone 85 t-type. Will pay for Tim's and space!
  8. tufbuick
    tufbuick LSTTYPE
    Would you take $50 for the 42# injectors and chip ?
    1. LSTTYPE
      No sorry id like to just get rid of all of it in one lot
      Jun 8, 2017
    2. tufbuick
      Keep me in mind for the 42#ers and chip that goes with it. Thanks
      Jun 8, 2017
  9. Fitman
    Fitman Limited87
    Good evening Brian,
    My name is Chad Feldman (Fitman)
    I understand you sell the Alradco radiators.
    If so I am interested one one please sir.
    Please advise on pricing and shipping to 77657.
    Thanks in advance
  10. edfiero1
    edfiero1 Matt McClung
    Hey Matt. Saw your post about the HP you are putting down. SWEET!! I have a largely stock, hot air car. Only thing really done to it is a 87 ECU, chip and Ignition.
    What would you recommend I do first to get a few more HP?? How difficult is it to put on an Intercooler?
    How is it going? Are you looking at another one?
      Hey Matt, things are great. Thinking about going old school, maybe a GS400 or Monte SS454.
      Jun 4, 2017
  12. Vsicks
    Vsicks MDavis
    hey do you still have the seat track. one of the sides from mine cracked. in need of a replacement. Im in melrose park i can scoop up
    1. MDavis
      I'll check when I get home. You need the power seat track correct?
      Jun 3, 2017
  13. macoystet
    macoystet blklt1z28
    Blklt what size tubing did u use to box your frame , is it (dom) what size was it
    1. blklt1z28
      I used 3/16 to box the open C channels of the frame, and I doubled it up with the stock frame material where I notched it. All the bracing was done with 1.75 .120 wall dom.
      May 29, 2017
    2. blklt1z28
  14. Bruce Urie
    Bruce Urie charlief1
    You are dearly missed, my of kind you were. Rest in peace. We ALL miss you and will so forever.
  16. captndave737
    captndave737 bison
    Hi Bison,

    We met at Richard Clarks and I talked to you about doing a build somewhat similar to Steve Bake's. My Thrust bearing was shot and you said I needed to find the cause, possibly the converter. I replaced the cracked stock flexplate with another which I now believe is for an internally balanced engine. I drove the car with it for about 15k miles. Could that have been the culprit?
  17. che8700
    che8700 forcefed3.8's
    Oil system still available ?
  18. MAXSIX
    MAXSIX Otto J
    hi otto i would know if you still tune Buick . iget my motor back from Bobby and i am stock with my new distributor set up. Bobby move my balancer to 55 deg. i dont know what to do with that. could you help me?
    1. Otto J
      Otto J
      Sure do. Let me know when you are ready
      May 26, 2017
  19. Nicholas Maiers
    Nicholas Maiers
    Lie my grand nationals
  20. canadian nascar
    canadian nascar bigballsbilly
    Hi I saw on a post you have a QTP electric cut out for sale, it is in good working condition?
    1. bigballsbilly
      Yep works perfectly.
      May 21, 2017