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  1. Blackbird31
    Blackbird31 bison
    Hey bison tried emailing you looking for a new turbo ta49 or something bigger if you can email me back or message me on here it would greatly appreciated
  2. vboosted6
    249 stroker, 6766,champion race intake,champion heads,214/214 ft rc,
  3. Art Borrayo
  4. buttonfly
    Getting the GN already for the summer.......
  5. Flight00
    Flight00 Steve V
    Steve reaching out having timing issues trying to get my GN in Va beach area..9125711148
  6. Jeff wright
    Jeff wright iWantAnotherGN
    I have an 87 T listed on Craigslist Louisville KY for $11,500
  7. Silver Ghost
    Silver Ghost
    87 silver T, p&p irons, 210/210roller, 6265jb, 80#, dbl pumper, CAS V2, TR6, Jimmys trans w/Vig 0
  8. v6togo
    v6togo SPOOLFOOL2
    whats the cost for rear black filler to 16066. also do you still have turbo heat shields?
      Mar 20, 2017
      I'm out of the turbo shields right now. I hope to have time to make more this year. I've got lots of projects right now. :)
      Mar 20, 2017
    3. v6togo
      I may do that ,thanks.
      Mar 21, 2017
  9. jwesleyc3
  10. sinbad
    sinbad 6bnger
    với y học hiện giờ việc chữa trị bệnh ngoài da không còn là điều đáng quan tâm nhưng để chữa trị dc tốt nhất bận cần có những thông tin phù hợp, với trang dưới đây :

    chúng tôi sẽ giúp bạn !!
  11. chrisg01
    Glad it's Friday waitin to go to work
  12. 6bnger
    Wondering if anyone has done a wilwood drum to disc kit need the kit I'm looking at has a different flange
  13. Matone213
    Almost there
    SUM ONE PLEASE HELP ME... I have a 1984 GN hot air,looking to buy a turbo in need of one bad, i f not stock what can i run....
  15. fast NY Six
    fast NY Six ttaowner
    James is a thief. Do not attempt to purchase from him
  16. goldcountry
    Still driving my '83 T-Type, original owner, course I have changed just about all parts by now!
  17. dank GN
    dank GN
    281 CID almost complete
  18. Jared31
    Jared31 Turbo Keith
    Awesome guy to deal with. Very helpful
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  19. Sir. Ansalot
    Sir. Ansalot Gene Van Horn
    mr horn where can i send it will u send me a link thanks
  20. pro69
    pro69 JphAuto
    Why did you rate my post in the stage 2 t type thread "optimistic"?